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Based in North Yorkshire, Handmadebyemma is a new start-up craft shop founded by Emma Conway, a mum of four who has a passion for all things handmade. From customised teacups to cushions, door stops to draught excluders, Emma's mission is to bring locally, handmade goods back into the hight street.

Just over 8 years ago Etsy changed the market for small artists just like Emma, offering a place to showcase and sell unique handcrafted goods. Fast forward to 2013, and even though we're still feeling the effects of a recession, there's an increasing amount of interest in quality, handmade items crafted here in the UK - great news for Emma who really is helping the high street fight back.

Prior to AirPOS, Mrs Conway was recording her sales by pen and paper. However, aware that technology had progressed dramatically (thanks to her husband Shuans technical expertise) and that ePOS terminals were now affordable for small business, she began to search for a solution that suited her needs.

In November 2012, Emma installed AirPOS on the Casio VX-100, the world's first ePOS system to run on Google’s Android mobile software platform. This revolutionary solution has since proved invaluable to Emma who summarised her experience to date;

"AirPOS on the VX-100 has helped to organise our small business, and hopefully it will help us grow as we can now more closely analzye what we sell. The whole AirPOS team has been fantastic"

Emma Conway, Handmadebyemma

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Industry: Retail

Using AirPOS since: November, 2012

AirPOS Product: AirPOS ePOS


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