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Voodoo Bar


Who do Voodoo, I can do what you do? The Voodoo Bar in Belfast is a mystical and fascinating place. In its dimly lit corners patrons can find great Cajun food, rare beers, music from rock to Irish folk and beyond and of course great hospitality.

Voodoo needed an ePOS solution that was at first affordable and then scalable enough to meet their growing needs as they refurbished their premises and expanded their business offerings. Wonderful risk-takers that they are they decided to try AirPOS, meaning that we debuted our second generation software on their opening weekend (gulp.)

Thankfully AirPOS passed this trial by fire and is now happily ticking away in all three bars of Voodoo, selling the sweetest of sins to the Belfast public.

Customer Profile

Industry: Hospitality

Using AirPOS since: October, 2011

AirPOS Product: Multiple ePOS

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