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Supporting independent retailers and vendors since 2009.

Our POS, payments and sales analysis software helps to provide valuable business information anytime, anywhere and all for an affordable monthly fee.

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Multiple locations, Multichannel

Both on the web and in store, our joined up cloud-based platform gives you the ability to operate across multiple sites, multiple stores, multiple ePOS devices and multiple channels. As your business grows, AirPOS grows with you at a cost that is predictable.

Sell in fixed locations, or on the move

AirPOS is truly mobile, allowing you to process sales anywhere with or without an internet connection. Ideal for pop up shops, mobile catering and occasional events.

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Integrated Payment Processing

AirPOS POS apps feature a wide range of integrated payment processing options from our partners at iZettle, PayPal Here and Payleven.

Our integration on iPad with iZettle now features the most modern of payment processing capabilities, from right inside the AirPOS app. You can now accept contactless payments and Apple Pay mobile payments with the latest iZettle card reader.

Easy setup and configuration

From setting up your business in our cloud backoffice, to deploying your apps and setting up your hardware we've made the process so simple that almost no technical knowledge is required.

All of your POS essentials with none of the fuss.

Item Lookup

Want to know how much an item costs or how much stock you have left across all of your locations? No problem, view all of this information and more, directly from your POS, in real time!

Flexible discounts

Our powerful discounting tool gives you the ability to discount an item by cash amount, percentage or even set an entirely new price on both line items and entire transactions.


Need to add an additional note to an item your selling? No problem, with AirPOS, you can attach a note that'll be printed on the receipt and appear on the POS & backoffice.

Customer Capture

Get to know your customers better with AirPOS. You can easily create new customers on the POS, attach sales to existing ones and send email receipts! In the backoffice, you'll also find a full history of customer details and transactions.

XYZ Reports & Shifts

Easy to use end of day procedures help with the all important task of cashing up. Our simple yet detailed XYZ reports allow a quick overview of your daily activity but on the POS and in the backoffice.

Online and Offline

AirPOS continues to work even if your Internet connection doesn’t. If your Internet goes down, AirPOS will simply sync your sales and inventory when connectivity is resumed. In nearly six years we have yet to lose a single sale.

Parked Sales

With AirPOS you can park a sale, serve the next customer and recall the transaction later. A very useful feature for table service in cafes / bars and restaurants.

Customisable printed and email receipts

Your receipt is a great place to add your company logo, include your store policy and maybe even tell your customers about an offer you have on. Email a copy to customers, or print to a standard receipt printer. You can also give your customers a gift receipt!

Refunds and Exchanges

Process refunds simply and seamlessly by either scanning a barcode from the sales receipt or by using our ad-hoc refund and exchange modes for greater flexibility.

The widest choice of platforms and hardware in the UK and Ireland.

Complete your AirPOS package, with hardware from the world's leading brands.

We've curated the most affordable and reliable hardware available on the market today into packages for our iPad, Android and Windows apps.

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AirPOS iPad Setup

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