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Our feature rich cloud ePOS application has an easy-to-use interface that works on a wide variety of devices including the ePOS equipment you may already own.

AirPOS Windows Setup

AirPOS works on existing legacy hardware

AirPOS works the way you want on the equipment you may already own, saving you the cost of having to replace or upgrade monitors, cash drawers, barcode scanners, receipt printers and more.

Multiple locations, Multichannel

Both on the web and in store, our joined up cloud-based platform gives you the ability to operate across multiple sites, multiple stores, multiple ePOS devices and multiple channels. As your business grows, AirPOS grows with you at a cost that is predictable.

Online and Offline

AirPOS continues to work even if your Internet connection doesn’t. If your Internet goes down, AirPOS will simply sync your sales and inventory when connectivity is resumed. Online and offline modes of operation guards against loss of data, keeps all stock integrated and aids disaster planning to ensure your data is safe and secure, all of the time.

Self Install

AirPOS has been engineered to be installed by you, the retailer. No installation engineers and no expensive maintenance contracts.

Mobile ePOS

AirPOS sets your point of sale free. From the stock room, to the showroom floor, our fully functional ePOS is a totally mobile solution that gives you the ability to process sales whenever, and wherever you like. It's time to take your POS directly to the customer, turn those browsers into buyers and sell beyond bricks-and-mortar, online and offline.

All of your POS essentials with none of the fuss.

Item Lookup

Want to know how much an item costs or how much stock you have left across all of your locations? No problem, view all of this information and more, directly from your POS, in real time!


Our powerful discounting tool gives you the ability to discount an item by cash amount, percentage or even set an entirely new price.


Need to add an additional note to an item your selling? No problem, with AirPOS, you can attach a note that'll be printed on the receipt and appear on the POS & backoffice.

Customer Capture

Get to know your customers better with AirPOS. You can easily create new customers on the POS, attach sales to existing ones and send email receipts! In the backoffice, you'll also find a full history of customer details and transactions.

X & Z Reads

With AirPOS, tender reconciliation couldn't be easier. The AirPOS X Reads let you check your sales totals from the POS at any time and at the end of each day, or shift, you can perform a Z read to check that the payments processed match the payments received.

Parked Sales

With AirPOS you can park a sale, serve the next customer and recall the transaction later. A very useful feature for table service in cafes / bars and restaurants.

Customise Receipts

Your receipt is a great place to add your company logo, include your store policy and maybe even tell your customers about an offer you have on. Email a copy to customers, or print to a standard receipt printer. You can also give your customers a gift receipt!


Process refunds simply and seamlessly on AirPOS by scanning or typing in the original transaction ID.

More choice. More control.

Receipt Printers

AirPOS supports more receipt printers than any other cloud ePOS including connectivity for; Serial, Parallel, USB, Bluetooth, Network receipt printers and more so long as they are ESC/POS compatible.

Cash Drawers

Keeping your cash safe and secure is of paramount importance in any retail environment so we've made sure that any standard RJ-11 connected cash drawer works with AirPOS.

Barcode Scanners

AirPOS loves barcodes. Use USB barcode scanners to effortlessly add products to sales, input stock levels and much more.

Technology has created smarter shoppers. Are you ready to become a smarter shopkeeper?

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