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Accept payments in store, online and on-the-go with AirPOS.

With AirPOS, accepting credit and debit card payments couldn’t be easier. We've partnered with PayPal Here, Payleven and CardSave to offer a range of integrated payment solutions on Windows and Android.

Payments on iPad

PayPal Here

PayPal Here is an elegant, simple, pocket-sized device that takes debit and credit card payments, and when teamed up with the AirPOS platform, provides retailers a complete and affordable mobile point of sale solution. PayPal Here gives your customers the flexibility to pay how they want, wherever you do business. Getting paid has never been easier.

There's no complicated setup and it's easy for you and your customers to use. After you've installed AirPOS on iPad, download the free PayPal Here app, order your card reader and connect it to your iPad via Bluetooth. And that's it - you're ready to start accepting payments straight away.

AirPOS using PayPal Here for payments

Payments on Android


Payleven is a simple and sleek pocket-sized chip and pin reader that offers a smarter way for everyone, from individuals to businesses of all sizes, to get paid anytime and anywhere - easily, affordably & securely. And when teamed up with the AirPOS platform, Payleven provides retailers of all sizes a complete and affordable mobile point of sale solution with integrated mobile Chip & PIN card payment technology.

Once you've signed up to a Payleven account, The process is straightforward and fast. Simply download & install the Payleven app from the Google Play Store, pair the Payleven card reader to your Android tablet running AirPOS via Bluetooth and then enable Payleven as a payment option on AirPOS. And that's it - you're ready to start accepting payments easily, affordably & securely.

AirPOS using Payleven for payments

Payments on Windows

CardSave - Coming soon

Start accepting card payments with CardSave using a traditional Ingenico chip and pin terminal.

CardSave are a leading provider of card payment machines and merchant services. With highly competitive rates, great customer service and peace of mind that your transactions are processed efficiently and securely, accepting payments with CardSave on AirPOS is a simple, seamless and secure process.

AirPOS using Cardsave for payments

Payments Available Across All Platforms

In Store PayPal Payments

AirPOS are now able to offer payments through the PayPal consumer app for smartphones, allowing consumers to confirm payment with their profile picture when they 'check-in' to your store, providing a forward thinking and yet simple option for people who are happy to leave the plastic cards at home.

The PayPal app has a tab called Local which highlights businesses nearby that accept mobile PayPal payments. There's no complicated setup and it's easy for you and your customers to use. All customers need to do is check in to your location on the PayPal app and you'll get a notification on AirPOS to let you know who's in your store.

Once a customer has checked in and agreed the amount to be paid, their name and photo appears on the AirPOS ePOS. You can then charge them by clicking on the shopper's profile picture and the customer gets an alert on their phone to let them know how much they've paid, as well as an email receipt.

When teamed with the AirPOS platform, PayPal 'check-in' really is the quickest way to checkout.

AirPOS using In Store PayPal Payments

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