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AirPOS is the only cloud POS available for Windows, Android tablets and Apple iPads with the widest choice of hardware and payment providers in the market. We believe in choice, not locking customers to a solution.

AirPOS on iPad

AirPOS for iPad provides a fully featured POS solution for retail, cafes, bars and mobile vendors on the most elegant and user friendly devices ever made. Teamed with the UK's widest choice of payment solutions from PayPal Here, Payleven and iZettle as well as cutting edge hardware from Epson, Star and others. AirPOS for iPad is an affordable solution for business of all sizes.

integrated credit and debit card payments from:
PayPal Here Payleven iZettle
AirPOS for iPad

AirPOS on Android

AirPOS for Android

AirPOS for Android is a powerful solution on the open and secure Android platform, providing sophisticated point of sale functionality at a fraction of the cost of existing hardware solutions. Integrated with Payleven's chip and pin reader for card acceptance and allowing a wide range of hardware to be used, AirPOS for Android is the first choice for many mobile operators due to the flexibility and low cost, from mobile cafes and food trucks to hospitality environments such as table-side ordering and payments.

integrated credit and debit card payments from:

AirPOS for Windows

For power users with large inventories, or those with existing hardware that simply need a software upgrade, AirPOS for Windows is a legitimate swap out for legacy POS solutions bringing the scalability and enhanced functionality of cloud architecture to desktop machines for the first time.

Importantly AirPOS for Windows is not delivered in a web browser, and suffers from none of the crashing, browser updating and internet connectivity issues of web-based POS.

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AirPOS for Windows

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