AirPOS Pay is a no-contract payments solution built for retailers.

No contract payments are the future of retail. That's why we've built AirPOS Pay. Simple, quick, secure payments, powered by Stripe's world-class payment technology.

  • We’ve partnered with Stripe to create a fast and reliable payments platform that we’re calling AirPOS Pay.

  • Free customer support 7 days per week.

  • No terminal rental charges and no contracts! Just order your card reader to get started!

AirPOS Pay payments

Get free EPOS software when you use AirPOS Pay.

You get everything our EPOS software offers for free and we’ll take a small commission of the payments that go through your card reader. Simple.

  • Save time and grow your revenue with automated sales reports.

  • Increase sales and customer retention with loyalty scheme & customer accounts software.

  • Save money and time with our stock control software.

  • Grow your customer base and sell 24/7 with ecommerce integrations.

AirPOS Pay


Merchants of fun

“Using AirPOS Pay means that we can manage our entire business from the AirPOS back office. Accounts, point of sale, stock control and payments are all in the one place. We save loads of time now and get AirPOS support for everything!”

  • Rory Kelly
  • Battle Inc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is hardware included?

A card provider is sold separately, but should easily integrate with your existing system.

Are there any hidden fees?

No. Our fee structure is clear and simple, so you'll never get hit with an unexpected charge.

Are there any contracts?

No. Our goal is to offer retailers a no-contract EPOS and payments solution. We're great at what we do! Contracts are for companies that need to hold you against your will.

Is support included?

Yes! We know why you're asking, we get it. But there really isn't a catch. Our support needs to be great as we don't have a contract, it's really that simple.

AirPOS is free with AirPOS Pay, how does that work?

Simple we've partnered with Stripe to create a fully integrated, fast and reliable payments platform we're calling AirPOS Pay.

When you process a payment through AirPOS Pay stripe takes a fixed fee and a variable fee from the payments and we take the rest.

The dees we take from your payments pay for your entire AirPOS platform, meaning there is no subscription and of course if you don't transact we don't take any fees.

Do we cost less than other providers?

For payments, no. When you compare the whole package (EPOS and payments) against other providers though, we do very well. Check out the comparisons page for more details. If all you're looking for is the "cheapest" rate, then AirPOS isn't for you.