Dear AirPOS customer, first off let me start by saying I’m sure that we’re all feeling the same deep sense of upset and upheaval as our businesses and personal lives are turned upside down by the first pandemic almost all of us have experienced in our lifetime.

We know that the COVID-19 disease has had a devastating effect on our customers causing most of them to have to close their business completely for an unknown amount of time. To help as much as we can we’ve been offering AirPOS e-commerce for free to all customers allowing them to sell online where possible.

We’ve also been doing our level best to decode and disseminate information from both the UK and Irish governments in regards to the support available. We’ll continue to do this for as long as the crisis continues.

Many of you are asking what more we can do to help in these desperate times. First off let me say that of course, we want to help, we pride ourselves on being 100% on the side of our customers both in our software product and in our support which we know is excellent.

Where we’re at:

  • Keeping our business open to support the customers that are continuing to trade as they are providing essential services
  • We are the only POS provider in the market not charging extra fees for round the clock support and with a zero contract model
  • Continuing to build our product with a new positive balance for customer accounts, new Worldpay integration on Windows, new misc sale functionality and a huge reporting upgrade ready to go in the next few weeks

As a software business, we will only qualify for the minimum of support from the government which currently is a £10,000 grant and three months rates relief (we’re in Northern Ireland where the 12 months rate relief hasn’t been carried forward by our executive.)  

In addition, most of our suppliers are software companies much like ourselves and we have yet to see any who are in a position to defer their subscription payments. This is despite our overheads going up very significantly as most of our suppliers are based in the US and the pound is currently at its weakest position in history against the dollar.

In short, we’re feeling this profoundly and are not in a position to offer subscription holidays to our customers. If we were in a position to do so I promise we would but in reality, we’re a very small business too and our focus must be on continuing to support our customers who are able to trade and making sure that we have a great software product and service to offer you all post the current crisis.

I hope we can work together to see this through. If you’d like advice on how to cut your AirPOS costs to the minimum payment please contact me directly at FAO Marty

Thank you sincerely for being our customer, we hope you’ll be again when things improve.


Martin Neill, CEO, AirPOS Limited