5 easy ways to build your customer loyalty

Loyalty is one of the most valuable assets to any business owner. Discover 5 easy ways to build loyalty with your customers and keep them coming back for more!

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Loyalty is arguably one of the most valuable assets to any business owner. Knowing you have a dedicated following who are willing to cheer you on publicly yet forgive any misguided mistakes is huge relief. So what is the secret? How do you build your ride or die following? Below are 5 full proof tips which can be easily incorporated into any business whether in hospitality or retail.

1. Consistent, engaging posts

No matter how much a customer values your product/ service they won't keep up to date with you if you have inconsistent and disengaging digital content, even less if you have no presence at all. It's important that in order to keep your customers coming back that you are on their mind; they want to check up with you. Digital media, such as social pages also enables you to reach out to your followers, get them involved. This has become easier with the creation of live videos, polls, question times etc across all social platforms. They’re free forms of marketing so why not make the most out of them? Most importantly however is to make sure your content stands out. Use your brand colours, show personality, make viewers want to click and engage with you.

2. Listen to your customers

As mentioned it's crucial to engage your customers when trying to build loyalty although it's just as important is to ensure you actually listen. Whether it is responding to your biggest fans singing your praises or responding to harsh criticism, it is important that you show you are listening and taking on board customer opinions. Going further than this, ask your customers for feedback. It is incredibly valuable to customers that they feel as though a business cares what they have to say and this can be done easily. You can utilise social media and ask online, or even place basic feedback sheets on tables or at the till.

3. Show appreciation for loyalty

Make sure too give back to your customers especially those that are most loyal
It's important that as well as engage with your customers, that you offer some kind of incentive to show your appreciation. This could be money off after multiple purchases or birthday discounts. Customers want to feel as though they are valued by an organisation and by giving back businesses show they are paying attention and appreciate their customers. On the same note of appreciation, many businesses have been able to build a loyal customer base through investment in their community and interest in their social impact. Most customers want to support businesses who are using their success to do good, especially if it is for their local community.

4. Keep in touch

Similar to listening to your customers, ensure they know they have been heard, respond to them, make it clear that it is a two way conversation. In order to create a loyal customer base a business should have an effective CRM (customer relationship management) system in place to make sure no one slips through the cracks. This could be as simple as sending follow up emails to a customer who had an issue or if there is an enquiry respond as quickly as possible.

5. Be authentic- Show your personality

Arguably the most important way to build loyalty is to be authentic. Most businesses have invested time and money into creating a unique brand, let this show! Businesses that show their unique personality and have fun with their customers build the most loyal followers as they feel as though they are part of something.

This doesn't simply need to be through social posts or digital media, it could be about how you display your shop/ cafe or how you interact with your customers when face to face. Yes, all businesses personalities are different, similar to ourselves, some are more fun and outgoing and some are more serious and reserved however, how you project, will mirror who you attract.

This is not saying you need to completely rewrite your brand guidelines but if your business appears out of touch, disengaged and disinterested that can also be expected of your customers

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