6 Point of Sale Features EVERY Business Needs in 2021

With so many POS providers available, how can you narrow down your choices and separate the necessity from the frill? Discover the fundamental features you need from your POS provider in order to manage your business more effectively and sell more.

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Point of sale systems have developed massively in the past decade. Not only have the number of companies providing ePOS solutions risen dramatically but so have the number of features you can avail of on your system.

With the ever growing list of functionalities, how can retailers really know what is essential in helping them manage their business and what are the frills to enhance a provider's offering?

Below we have outlined the essential features for a retail business using an ePOS system. These features will not only help you manage your business more effectively but drive you to make more sales.


Inventory and Product management

Inventory management

One of the major benefits of using an ePOS system is that you will have greater visibility across your inventory. Whether running one store or five, or integrating with a webstore you want to ensure you know exactly what stock you have so that you don’t oversell.

Simply, you want a POS that makes it easy to upload, manage and view your products. This will ensure that you can easily check if products are in stock and speed customers through checkout.

Quick Product Uploads/Bulk Uploads

You want to be sure that whichever POS provider you choose allows you to bulk upload your products saving you time and stress. Most businesses will have a 100s of products and therefore manual product entry will waste a huge amount of time particularly when there are systems that offer bulk entry.

Also, it’s worth noting that bulk entries will remove any opportunity for human error. Manual entry of hundreds of products is an incredibly tedious task and it’s only natural that mistakes will be made. Bulk uploads will ensure that all the information on your Point of sale is accurate and you will never run the risk of stock, surplus or drought.



Reporting capabilities are one of the most valuable features of a POS system. Unlike a traditional till system, you will be able to view detailed real-time reports wherever you are.

This goes further than simply stock reports but through your ePOS system you will be able to view:

Best Sellers

Use your best seller reports to ensure you have the products in-store that your customers love and never run the risk of running out.

Employee Performance

Use this to run employee performance incentives, organise rotas, and importantly highlight the work of specific staff members creating individual liability. This will allow you to organise your staff more effectively and easily see who are your best workers.

Peak hours

With zero effort you will be able to anticipate busy periods and along with employee reports ensure you have the right staff in-store to manage busy and quiet periods more efficiently.


No matter how technical you are you want to ensure that your Point of Sale provider has a reliable support team, preferably this will come free with your POS subscription.

Making sales is the most fundamental factor in your business’ success and therefore you don’t want to run the risk of losing customers simply because of issues with your point of sale that you can’t quickly get resolved.

All EPOS providers will offer support however some will charge a premium for their support and others will only take calls during work hours leaving you in a precarious position at the weekend or in the evenings.

It is important to check support options with POS providers before choosing your POS provider.



What’s the point of having a cloud-based Point of sale system with poor integration options?


When choosing payments make sure to choose a provider that integrates with your POS provider, this will make payments seamless. Make sure to check out any fees (monthly and per transaction) before selecting a provider, as it can add up over the year.


Choosing a point of sale that has an integration with an eCommerce platform is vital whether you already have an online store or not, it will help you future proof your business.

With the uncertainty we’ve experienced this year you will want to be certain that you have no barriers to making sales online.

Syncing directly with your eCommerce platform will mean stock in your store and online will match.


Point of sale systems are designed to take the pain and stress out of managing your business. Integrating with an accounting platform will save you hours of paperwork.

An accounting platform such as Xero or Quickbooks will make your Bookkeeping simple and give you greater visibility across your sales. It will also help your business when it comes to making tax digital in 2021.

Obviously, in an ideal world, your provider will have endless options however these three integrations are fundamental and will allow you to save time and money.


Customer Accounts & Credit and Loyalty Programs

Customer Accounts & Credit

Customer accounts are crucial when it comes to managing your customers. By building unique accounts for your customers you are opening your business to a vast amount of useful data such as buying history, a number of purchases, how quickly they pay back credit.

During peak holiday periods, you want to give customers the opportunity to buy now and pay later, making payments over a period of time for larger items.

As well as this, customer accounts will help you get creative with your marketing. Host competitions and reward winners with credit in your store, this rewards engaged customers whilst also gaining your store exposure.

We see this happening with Golf Pro stores, but it’s possible to do this with any industry.

Loyalty Programs

Although you may not currently offer a loyalty program it is an easy way to ensure your customers keep coming back to buy more. If using an ePOS system you will want to ensure that your POS has an integrated loyalty system. This will create a much more streamlined service for your customers and also give you greater access to their data. This not only benefits the customers it also enables you to build tailored offers but also gives you the tools to build marketing campaigns.

This kind of feature may not seem essential, you may currently use a stamp card system, however, if you want to be able to compete both locally and online you will need to create incentives that actually appeal to your customers, discounts that make sense and personalised marketing campaigns that get customers to buy.

AirPOS Features

Clearly finding a EPOS solution that works for your business shouldn’t be difficult or expensive. When you strip it back to what is actually essential for your business you will find many providers will meet your needs.

It is worth noting that many providers will charge extra for additional features and limit usability of even the most basic functionalities such as support unless you are willing to pay a premium price.

AirPOS offers all of the features listed above and all can be seen here on our site. We also value simple and transparent pricing which is why we clearly state our prices on our site. With us, what you see is what you get.

If you’d like to learn more about AirPOS and see all of its features in action, book yourself in for a free remote demo with one of our dedicated team. There you can ask any questions and see how our solution can work for you.