How to make the most of Veganuary

With the rise of Veganism, learn more about this lifestyle change and how you can make easy changes to your business this Veganuary.

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In the past decade we have seen the launch of the iPad, new social media platforms, Instagram and Snapchat taking over the lives of young people, smartphone users having instant access to GPS and even the discovery of water on Mars. The "2010s" also saw the unpredicted and surprising tsunami of people deciding to take the Vegan pledge. Veganism has taken the world by storm for a wide variety of reasons, whether it environmental, ethical, health and more recently as a challenge, rivalling the traditional drink free months following the Christmas period. Non Profit organisation Veganuary saw a record breaking 25,000 people in 2019 pledge to ditch dairy and meat for a month and this number is only set to increase in 2020.

Vegan Cakes
Vegan Cakes

Although Veganism has became an increasingly popular lifestyle choice many still see it as exclusive to bohemian millennials and Californian based health Gurus. Despite this however it seems you can no longer walk into any supermarket or café without a huge variety of enticing plant based options and now at much more affordable prices. The Vegan diet simply involves the abstinence from meat, dairy products and eggs, however many believe it to be an impossible change. Although these animal products are found in so many goods on our shelves (sometimes even sneakily added in the form of milk powder or beeswax) many are shocked to discover products they have eating for years are accidentally Vegan, such as Baked Beans, Oreos and Bournville chocolate.  

Many retailers have decided to ride the plant based wave releasing new lookalike products in the month of January. Some major examples being the launch of the Greggs Vegan Sausage roll and Vegan steak bake or Subway's Meatless Meatball Marinara. It's clear the days of sad garden salads and dry falafel with chips seem to be a distant memory. This is bolstered even more with the rise of social media and popular influencers such as @UglyVegan highlighting that the meat free diet doesn't mean giving up carb filled comfort food making the change a lot less daunting to newcomers.

Uglyvegan instagram feed and M&S plant Kitchen range
@Uglyvegan instagram feed and M&S plant Kitchen range

At AirPOS we excited for Veganuary with several vegans already in the office and others who have decided to challenge themselves this coming month. Over the years we are lucky to have gained several Vegan based businesses as customers for example the Little Shop of vegans and are proud that we can support them in their mission to sell more ethically sourced products through our ePOS system.

It is great to see the rise in major companies acknowledging the vegan diet; driving a growth in accessible products, making the switch to plant based food easier for everyday people. However Veganuary is a great opportunity to try out independent brands offering unique alternative products. It is smaller local businesses that have helped pave the way for the vegan movement and by shopping locally you are supporting those independent retailers on your own High street.

MS Plant Based Range

If you currently have a hospitality or food based business why not use Veganuary as an opportunity to offer a wider variety of products and spruce up your menu. This doesn't necessarily need to be a a full menu, but something as simple as a simple sandwich, curry or a dairy free latte that can help to draw in many new, loyal customers.  

Therefore at AirPOS we would like to challenge our community to take the Vegan pledge this January and in doing so, visit your local health shops or make small changes to your business. Who knows, maybe you will discover an amazing dairy free ice cream or meat free burger that will inspire you to make the change permanent.

Head over to Veganuary to sign up today and also to discover creative recipes, interesting stories and useful shopping tips for the month of January.