How to turn your iPad into a POS till system

Traditional till systems are quickly becoming a cumbersome thing of the past. Find out how you can save money and sell more by transforming your iPad into your till system

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The idea of running your entire business from one device may seem crazy however it is the future of retail technology. iPad till systems are quickly growing to become the most popular method of physical transactions.

It was predicted by Shopkeep that by 2021 we will see 27.7 million mPOS/ tablet-based POS systems in place in businesses across the world which is unsurprising when you consider their benefits.

In this latest piece from AirPOS, we have highlighted how you can turn your iPad into your cash till system and importantly the reasons why you need to make the move from your traditional till set up.

What is an iPad POS system

Although EPOS software is primarily software, a POS (Point of sale) system will include a hardware setup that allows you to sell, take payments, print receipts and more, with your iPad acting as your touch screen device.

An iPad POS system is the process of connecting your iPad to POS hardware via bluetooth and using an iPad app to run software, effectively converting your iPad into a POS system in a matter of minutes.

Through a cloud-based system, you will be able to transform your business, streamlining operations and becoming more strategic with your selling, all through one compact device. The beauty of POS software is that you can build a system that meets the needs of your business and it can easily grow with you by adding more devices and hardware as and when you need it.

Using an iPad POS system (or any EPOS System for that matter) gives you greater visibility over your data storing vital information in the cloud that can be accessed and backed up at any time without slowing down your device.

5 Benefits of Using an iPad POS System vs a Traditional Till System

So what are the key benefits of changing from a traditional till system to an iPad POS system?


A large benefit of iPad POS systems is their flexibility, you can build a system that suits your business and fits in with your budget. However, this is not the only benefit of flexibility, POS systems such as AirPOS are completely mobile allowing you to take your till system on the go and make sales from even the most remote location. This has been transformative for those working in events or even niche industries who attend trade events or expos.


Although some may believe that a traditional till system is more reliable as all your information is stored in your own server, cloud-based POS systems will back up your data and prevent loss in the event of a blackout.

Also, it is worth noting that POS companies will have experienced development teams in place to eliminate any potential weaknesses that could be exploited by hackers. Your data will be protected by the latest data encryption techniques making it much more secure than any other system.

Unlike with traditional systems, POS providers generally offer dedicated support 7 days a week to ensure that if you do experience an issue with your set up, the problem will be resolved as soon as possible.

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Having an iPad POS system will give you greater visibility, across your business. You will have constant access to real-time reports enabling you to make strategic decisions to boost sales. Use your reports to see business trends, make sure you don’t run out of stock and avoid customer disappointment

This visibility will also allow you to take time away from your business, placing more trust in your staff. POS software is highly sophisticated removing the opportunity for human error and if worried you will be able to check reports for peace of mind.


iPad POS systems are built to scale, they suit any business no matter the stage in their lifecycle. The beauty of POS is that you are able to add on extra devices and pieces of hardware when you see fit and there are even options available for those who need to scale up for seasonal periods.

Even if a small business is only starting you can create a system that helps you to manage your operations and process sales but, importantly will not make a major dent in your profits. As mentioned you can get started with your existing iPad device and build out your system gradually as you go.


One of the main reasons why retailers make the switch to iPad till systems is affordability. There are many options out there in terms of software providers, all differently priced offering different packages, giving you choice when it comes to your set up.

This means you will be able to choose a hardware package that doesn’t break the bank. You can always add additional hardware items later if needed.
Importantly when it comes to iPad till systems, most people already have the most fundamental piece of hardware, the iPad. You don’t need to buy a new tablet or need a special model, if you have an iPad already you will be able to run POS software through your device.

It is worth noting that although we are speaking about iPad POS this is also true for Android and Windows devices.

How to turn your iPad into a POS System

So how can you turn your cash register into an iPad POS system?

Obviously the hardware you need will depend on your business type and needs however we have listed the different pieces of kit you may want to consider to accompany your software in order to build your perfect set up.

  • Tablet device: Whether this is android, apple or windows, most POS providers will offer integrations across any of these platforms meaning that you can choose a platform that you prefer, are used to, or already have.

  • Ipad stand: Create a user-friendly set up that will streamline to check out process, placing your tablet front and centre.

  • Cash Drawer: Cash drawers are fundamental to your point of sale set up, allowing you to collect & store cash safely and ensure every penny is accounted for.

  • Barcode Scanner: Speed your customers through check out with a modern scanner that recognises products in seconds.

  • Receipt printer: Ensure every sale is accounted for and customers can receive a copy to improve their experience and make returns simple.

  • Payment integration: Once you have chosen your point of sale system you will have a wide variety of payment integration options that will enable you to take card payments.

  • Accounting integration: Another optional but very useful extra. Many businesses do not realise the value in integrating their business with accounting software such as Xero, however, this will save you hours of admin work and also give you greater visibility across your business as a whole.

Cost of an iPad POS

The cost of an iPad POS system will vary depending on the company you choose and also the level of functionality you require. On average expect to spend around 700 pounds on an iPad POS system, that would include your hardware and software (of course it will be much cheaper if you already own an iPad).

Some companies will charge a premium price for their software offering specialist functionalities and added extras however, you can get started with an iPad POS for as little as £29.99/month and not sacrifice any of the fundamental requirements of a point of sale. It’s important when you are choosing your Point of Sale provider that you fully understand the costs and what will be included in your subscription.

Use AirPOS to power your iPad

AirPOS is the #1 Point of Sale for small retailers within the UK and Ireland. Business owners have been able to power their business through their tablet device for over a decade allowing AirPOS to track their sales, manage inventory and provide detailed real time reports.

AirPOS will work on any tablet device you have and also integrate with existing hardware you currently use.

Alternatively, we currently offer new industry standard hardware bundles that will give you all the tools you need to get serious with your selling. These bundles are the most comprehensive on the market being completely free of cost with an annual subscription to AirPOS Pro.

Make sure to get in touch with us here for more information.