Introducing Airpos Pro

Launching the new Airpos Pro! Learn about the new features available and how Airpos can help you strengthen relationships with your customers.

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Here at Airpos we strive to beat customer expectations and ensure retailers have the right system to provide the best quality service. In the office we are always discussing new ways to help our customers and improve our systems. Out of these conversations we have developed Airpos Pro. Airpos Pro is an additional add on for retailers that combines both our current customer accounts feature and also the new loyalty function. Once signed up to the scheme users can easily turn these functions on and off through the back office. When conducting our research we found that not many other POS providers provided such a service to help their users build loyalty with their customers despite this being crucial in any industry.

Retailer using AirPOS Pro 

So what does Airpos Pro include?

Loyal customers

Customer Accounts provides flexible payment options enabling users to buy items on account and pay later. This allows any retailer to be more flexible and manage payments more efficiently particularly in trade industries.

Loyalty is valuable asset  to any business, yet many may not operate a loyalty scheme or offer the antiquated system of stamp cards. We wanted to create a sophisticated system within our POS so that you can reward your customers anytime they are in store. This is done through a simple point system and is completely customisable to your business.

Both these features are available as part of Airpos Pro and will only cost £39.99 per month.

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