Introducing AirPOS Pro

Launching the new AirPOS Pro! Learn about new features available that help you strengthen relationships with your customers and maximise sales.

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Here at AirPOS we strive to exceed customer expectations and ensure retailers have the right system to provide the best quality service.

After ten years of working closely with customers to help their businesses grow, we discovered the need for a system that not only allows you to sell more but to build relationships with your customers.

Out of this research and lengthy development, we are excited to introduce AirPOS Pro.

AirPOS pro is the step up from standard AirPOS for those who are ready to get serious about their sales.

Pro combines both our current retail management features plus the brand new customer Accounts and loyalty packages and the ability to integrate your POS with your Shopify webstore.

These new features will be able to take your store to the next level and keep your customers coming back for more, winning their loyalty.

No matter the industry you will be able to utilise AirPOS Pro. Use your POS to get ahead of your competitiors and gather important customer information.

So what does AirPOS Pro include?


Build your following

Reward your customers with custom loyalty schemes that will boost their lifetime value. AirPOS loyalty is fully integrated with your point of sale and customisable so that you can set it up to meet the needs of your specific business.

AirPOS Pro will help you to drive repeat business building a point system that appeals to your customers and ensures their satisfaction rewarding them every time they are in store.

Customer Accounts

Give customers the personal touch

AirPOS customer accounts allow your customers to buy now and pay later. Let your customers pay in instalments, making bigger purchases easier.

With AirPOS Pro you can build your customer profiles with greater visibility across their purchases allowing you to give them the best experience instore.

Customer accounts will also enable you to sell smarter using this data to market more effectively and build offers that your customers will love.

Shopify integration

Sell as you sleep

Take your successful business online without sacrificing control or visibility.

As part of AirPOS Pro you will have exclusive access to AirPOS' integration with Shopify enabling you to build a comprehensive and attractive website that connects to your POS.

This will allow easy upload of products and ensure that there is communication between your physical store and online platform therefore never overselling products.

The world is becoming more digital and with AirPOS Pro you can make this leap to online selling simple without making any sacrifices.

Increase your sales and improve your customer loyalty with AirPOS Pro. If you would be interested in learning more, get in touch with us today or check out our dedicated AirPOS Pro Page.