Sell online with the help of Invest NI's digital selling capability grant

NI retailers, here's your chance to get 50% off selling online from Invest NI. Read below to find out how we can help you sell more online.

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Mark Allen
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Attention, NI retailers! (that’s you).

Our good friends at Invest NI have recently released a scheme to help you sell online, grow your business and remain competitive in your hometown and further afield.

We know the last 18 months have been difficult for many of you. Now you’re faced with the furlough scheme ending, along with many of your old customers continuing to shop online while avoiding the high street. But, we’re here to help, and as Northern Ireland’s only Point of Sale and Ecommerce company, we’re in a great position to get your business online, just like hundreds of our other customers.

‘So, what’s the craic with the grant?’

Well, it’s open to businesses with 5 employees or more, so unlike the previous grant, this isn’t open to micro-businesses. Invest NI will provide both investment and guidance to retailers who want to avail of the grant. There’s a maximum grant value of £20,000 to support 50% of project costs, you must have an existing online presence, and the deadline for applications is the 15th of October, so let’s get cracking.

‘Who will the grant help?’

More people than you’d think. Not only does retail make up around 12% of Northern Ireland’s economy, but it employs around 105,000 people. Not to mention those working in supply chains. More importantly, it can help you to sell online and improve your digital selling experience for you and your customers.

‘Ok, but we live in Northern Ireland, it’s a small place. Do I really need to sell online?’

Yes. You do. Here are 5 reasons to get started with ecommerce:

  • Online retail made up 28% of all sales in the UK in Q2 and is continuing to grow.
  • 87% of people in the UK purchased something online in the last year, with 7% only buying online. If you’re not online, they weren’t buying from you.
  • 59% of consumers say that the ability to buy on a mobile device influences who they purchase from.
  • 46% of consumers completed a new online purchase in 2021, that they previously only ever purchased in a physical store.
  • You can sell 24/7, into wider markets outside of your hometown, county and even outside of Northern Ireland.

‘How can AirPOS help?

Over the past year, we’ve invested £1,000,000 in our Shopify & POS integration. After being in the retail business for over a decade, we understood that Shopify customers across the UK were struggling to manage their inventory effectively when using the Shopify Point of Sale system, and we acted to rectify that.

We’ve partnered with Glaze digital to help retailers get online.

This is a full-service setup, from creating/update your existing website to integrating it with your POS system, there is even the option for additional services like inventory management, SEO and more.

Who’s the integration for?’

Retailers who are already Shopify users (we’ll improve your inventory management experience)
Retailers who have no ecommerce store in operation (we’ll help you get started)
Retailers who are using another ecommerce provider (we’ll help you set up your new system)

‘Why would I use AirPOS?’

The Shopify & AirPOS integration would allow you to;

  • Sell online and sell 24/7, while maintaining your regular store.
  • Manage inventory across your online and bricks & mortar stores, something that Shopify struggles with.
  • Grow your customer base and future-proof your business in ‘the new normal.’

We’ll help you every step of the way, right from our assisted set-up, through to the free support that we offer every customer throughout the duration of your AirPOS stay. That’s why most customers stay for at least 7 years, and why 96% of customers would recommend AirPOS.

But wait, there’s more…

What’s more, with AirPOS you can run customer loyalty campaigns to keep people coming back to your store and to encourage them to buy more online. You’ll have business analytics tools to run sales reports so you can see exactly what’s happening across your business, and find out how employees are performing. And our inventory management software allows you to view stock across every outlet and online channel, letting you set stock alerts so you never run out of your best-selling goods.

Are you ready to start selling online, but just need that helping hand? We’re here to help.

Unlike consultants who will just offer mere advice at extortionate fees, we’ll actually get you results and help you every step of the way.

Want to find out more? Book a consultation call with our team here.

If you want to learn more about the grant read it here.