AirPOS Launches Free EPOS Hardware Deals for Retail Businesses

Finding a complete point of sale system that doesn't cost you a fortune can seem like an impossible task. However at AirPOS we have been working hard to bring you complete hardware bundles completely free of cost. Find out more in our latest post!

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For years we have witnessed retailers struggle to find the perfect POS system that fully meets their needs. This not only applies to your Point of sale software but also sourcing quality, industry-standard hardware that doesn’t break the bank.

For those new businesses or those who have never used cloud-based POS solution trying to build your own set up can be a complicated task. Considering, when you take into account hardware, integration capabilities, point of sale systems can confuse most. So we've decided to help.

AirPOS is excited to announce the launch of the AirPOS hardware bundles which are designed to be an out of the box solution for retailers that's simple to understand and powerful to use.

If this wasn’t enough we are supplying retailers with this hardware completely free of cost with an annual subscription of AirPOS Pro.

Alternatively with an Annual subscription of AirPOS you will receive a voucher worth £150 that you can use towards a hardware package.

Our goal is to give you the option to build a set up that meets your needs and enables to run your business effectively.

AirPOS Hardware Bundles

There are two ways to save big with AirPOS hardware bundles. With an annual AirPOS Pro subscription we are offering free hardware for you to kickstart your business.

With an AirPOS standard subscription we are offering £150 off any of our hardware bundles.

AirPOS Pro

Get a free POS hardware bundle with an annual subscription AirPOS Pro.

Starter Pro Bundle

The AirPOS Starter bundle is perfect for business' wanting to upgrade their POS system to supercharge their business.

Hardware includes: cash drawer / receipt printer / tablet stand.

All of this with point of sale Software with all of the capabilities to help you make more sales, manage staff, and ensure customer satisfaction with the AirPOS Starter Bundle.

The starter bundle is available on for both iPad and Android devices.

Retail Pro Bundle

Speed your customers through check out with a user-friendly POS, modern equipment and reliable bar-code scanner.

Hardware includes: cash drawer / receipt printer / tablet stand / barcode scanner.

The AirPOS Retail Bundle is the next step up for business' wanting to improve the efficiency of their business offering everything in the Starter Bundle but with the addition of a barcode scanner.

Anyone working in the retail industry understands how important a scanner is in the day to day management of your business. The AirPOS bundle will help to improve efficiency and removes the opportunity of human error at the till.


Save £150 on hardware with an annual subscription to AirPOS.

Money off your Hardware

Prefer to sign up for the AirPOS standard subscription? No problem.

We have stand alone hardware bundles so you can get started with quality hardware at a fraction of the cost.

With an annual subscription to AirPOS, we even give you a £150 off voucher to use towards any of our POS hardware bundles.

This ensures that you can access all the functionalities you need to effectively manage your business such as reporting, inventory management and have quality hardware too.

Why choose AirPOS over other providers?

AirPOS is the UK and Ireland’s leading point of sale for small-medium sized businesses. Our Point of sale will completely transform your business offering modern functionalities, dedicated free support and numerous integrations options.

This combined with quality hardware ensures you will be able to run your business effectively, meeting demand and satisfying customers.  

This offering is designed to be zero fuss and a straight out of the box solution for any business.

AirPOS has always prided itself on its devotion to transparency. We wanted to create a solution for retailers that fit into their budget without sacrificing quality or functionality.

Below we have put together a table so that you can easily compare AirPOS against other hardware bundles on the market.

CompanyPOS Annual PriceHardware Price Included in Hardware packagesDedicated SupportPOS compatible with all Hardware
AirPOS£360£150 voucher off your chosen HardwareChosen by youFree 9-midnight 7 days a week Yes
AirPOS Pro£480Free with Annual subscription to AirPOS ProTablet stand, Cash Drawer, Receipt printer, barcode scanner, Year of POS softwareFree 9-midnight 7 days a weekYes
ePOS now£349£549Tablet device, Tablet stand, Receipt printer, Cash drawer, Payment terminal, 1 month of softwarePaid extraNo, locked in for hardware and payments
Vend£588-£828£299-£401Cash Drawer, Receipt Print and rolls, Tablet standPaid extraYes
Lightspeed£79-£219£315Cash drawer, Receipt printer and rolls, Tablet stand, Bluetooth scanner.Paid extraNo
iZettle£468£299-£405Receipt Printer and rolls, Cash drawers, Tablet stand Free 9-5 weekdaysYes

Get your Hardware Bundle today!

Luckily you can get your hands on the new AirPOS hardware Bundles right now. If you want to read more and get set up with your bundle make sure to visit our page here.

We have already seen major demand and to avoid any disappointment we would advise to get in contact early to take advantage of this new deal.

Similarly, if you have any questions regarding AirPOS point of sale or the bundles get in touch here.

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