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Check out the latest Lovin' Retail piece on Mickleover Golf Club who have been using AirPOS point of sale to drive their Golf Pro Shop sales and reward competition winners using customer accounts.

Coming out of lockdown Golf was used as an escape for many people allowing them to relax and get physical again whilst still adhering to COVID guidelines.

We caught up with Tim Coxon, PGA and AirPOS customer from Mickleover Golf club who has been using AirPOS Pro for a number of years to manage their busy golf pro store and maximise customer satisfaction with rewards and account credit.

Mickleover golf

Mickleover Golf Club

Mickleover Golf club is a highly recognised course located in the Midlands of England, in Derby serving both Pros and newcomers alike with their versatile green.

The course, although not that long, offers a great challenge to all players allowing them to master their accuracy and short game.

The club consists of a two-storey clubhouse acting as the perfect outlook to the 18th hole.

A members lounge and balcony area provide the ideal setting for a drink or bite to eat and the well-equipped pro shop allows members and visitors alike to get advice from the resident pros, purchase their equipment and book their lessons.

Mickleover has been utilising AirPOS Point of Sale in their Pro store to manage their growing demand and ensure member satisfaction with Customer accounts.

Their Pro shop is managed by their resident Pro, Tim Coxon, who uses the system daily to manage sales, customers and build detailed reports for the wider club.

Mickleover Golf

How Mickleover have been using AirPOS in their Golf Pro Store

Initially, Tim admitted he was attracted to the no contract or commitment policy of AirPOS. He had had a poor experience with a previous point of sale provider, even though they provided all the features they needed it was massively overpriced.

The opportunity to try AirPOS for free before starting a subscription allowed him to try the POS in their Golf Pro store and decide whether it would work for them.

As it turns out, it was the perfect fit for the Golf Pro Store due to the ease of use, detailed reporting and customer credit accounts.

AirPOS helps Tim and the club sell their wide array of golf merchandise.

Mickleover Golf club offers a huge variety of golf equipment that they are able to keep track of through their point of sale.

Mickleover needed to be able to easily view stock levels of clothing, equipment and accessories to ensure their customers are not disappointed and can access what they need when they need it.

What was vital for Tim and Mickleover was to have a point of sale system that is easy to use & affordable, allowing them to focus on providing customers with the best service, offering a seamless experience when in-store.

Mickleover Golf Pro Shop

The other key function that Mickleover needed from their POS was the ability to reward its customers.

Mickleover hosts club competitions with prizes in the form of vouchers redeemable in the pro shop.

They needed a point of sale that not only could store their customer information but also allow them to add credit to customer accounts which could operate the same way as a voucher in-store.

This was made possible with the AirPOS customer accounts feature which enables users to build customer profiles enabling them to buy now and pay later or in the case of Mickleover add credit to their account which can then be used in-store.

Customer accounts have allowed the club to become more organised, with all information stored in the cloud it has removed the need for the use of cumbersome paper vouchers.

Tim Coxon PGA

What other features of AirPOS would Tim recommend to other Pro Shops?

A key feature that they have found particularly valuable is advanced reporting. Reports are a major asset to any business but Tim specified that it was incredibly useful for them when setting up their inventory and keeping track of VAT.

Although Tim is in charge of the Pro shop the Club is ultimately managed by a wider group and therefore having this level of visibility of accounts and reports was vital.

Being busy himself with managing the store, taking lessons and club managerial duties he loved how simple AirPOS made reporting.

Tim doesn’t have a huge amount of time to devote to doing accounts and using a cloud-based system makes information readily available and easy to understand and use even while on the move.

As mentioned, when speaking with AirPOS Tim also discussed how they have been using the customer accounts feature to reward their members which has transformed their offering, making their customer experience much simpler and smooth.

In a club where member satisfaction and loyalty are of the highest priority, AirPOS’ customer accounts function has been incredibly valuable.

Tim also thought it was worth noting that the team at AirPOS are always happy to listen to customer feedback and evolve their features to try and improve their service.

“It is clear the team at AirPOS values their customers and understands the daily struggles small businesses face, building the system that really helps them manage everyday operations effectively without charging a fortune”.

Growing demand since Covid

It’s no secret that golf has experienced a major surge in interest since the easing of lockdown measures.

Not only have previous members been back at the green but new visitors have taken up the sport making Mickleover busier than ever.

Particularly with new members needing lessons, new kit and membership fees.

Tim has been impressed at how AirPOS has been able to handle this hectic period, keeping on top of their inventory and speeding their customers through checkout with no issues.

Even when out of use for several months, Tim was able to update the POS system easily to ensure they were ready for reopening.

Having a reliable and easy to use POS system has been vital with store employees. With so much focus on making the store safe, they couldn’t afford to spend time stressing over a system that was hard to use.

Why did Tim choose AirPOS over other POS providers?

When speaking with Tim, he was very clear on why he decided to go with AirPOS for the club’s Golf Point of sale.

Tim mentioned that for a business his size AirPOS was perfect:

“It’s easy to use and represents good value with the functions that fit my business. Many businesses are like ours and need a solution that is fit for smaller businesses but with the same functionality.”

For a Pro shop of their size it was important they simply wanted a more effective way to manage their customers and increase the visibility of their sales.

Being a small club and business Mickleover didn’t need custom functionality, they needed an affordable and simple point of sale solution which they found with AirPOS.

If you’re a golf club or retailer that simply wants to serve clients better, offer loyalty, customer accounts and easily manage stock, then AirPOS is a good fit for you.

Sign up for your own 14-day free trial to get started today or Book yourself a free consultation with one of our dedicated team to learn how AirPOS could work in your business.

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