Shortcross Gin Uses AirPOS for Busy Distillery Tours

Discover more about one of our longtime customers Shortcross, well known for its exquisite spirits and unique distillery. In this lovin' retail piece, you'll find out more about this wonderful Northern Irish brand and how they use AirPOS on their popular Rademon Estate.

This week is a big one folks, we are delighted to be featuring one of our long time customers Shortcross Gin. If you haven’t heard of them, Shortcross are Northern Ireland’s first craft gin and now the most awarded gin on the island of Ireland.

They’ve experienced great success since their creation in 2014; now to include six varieties of spirits across both Gin and Whiskey. Although the Northern Irish gin brand has gone on to introduce several varieties throughout the years their original batch is still the most popular, boasting of remarkable smoothness and unique notes of elderflower apple and wild clover.

Interestingly Shortcross is the only Gin in the world to use wild clover in their distilling process which has not only made them a favourite for devoted gin lovers but also for cocktail enthusiasts who wish to add an added flourish to their concoction.

Shortcross Gin

The brand is truly unique keeping its Irish roots close to its products and messaging. This is seen in the flavourings, the name of the brand, the distillery location, right down to the Shortcross penny you will see on every individual bottle.

Not only can enjoy the distillery’s products yourself but their mission to keep the distilling tradition alive, using age-old practices makes their spirits memorable gifts for those around you.

One of the distinct elements of Shortcross is their guided tours and experiences around their distillery in County Down, Northern Ireland. They have a vast estate, with a history dating back to 1667 that now welcomes visitors to tour and learn about the gin distilling process.

The Shortcross tour has become so popular allowing visitors an authentic and up-close look into the distillery getting to see the actual copper stills for which the brand has become so famous and talking from the owners themselves.

Of course, guests on the tour couldn’t leave without a gin tasting experience from an onsite expert as well as a Gin and tonic on the house which can be enjoyed on the beautiful Rademon estate.

The Shortcross Gin experience is listed as one of the top experiences by Visit Belfast and DiscoverNI as well as hosting specialist nights and events which attract large numbers of visitors each month.

Shortcross Gin

This experience and the onsite shop is made possible by AirPOS, who, in integration with iZettle, process all payments at the Rademon Estate. As well as this Shortcross use AirPOS to track their daily sales and their current bestsellers which they use to create and update their menus to meet consumer demand.

We love seeing the success of a homegrown company such as Shortcross and are happy that Michael and Fiona have chosen AirPOS to help manage their growing business.

Below is a video showcasing how Shortcross use AirPOS to make sales and manage their busy operations at the Rademon Estate.

Shortcross Gin Review

For more information on Shortcross or to book a tour of their facility visit their website at Shortcross Gin.

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