Merchants of Fun | How We Use AirPOS x Shopify Sell Online And In-Store

Discover how games experience centre, Merchants of Fun have used AirPOS Point of sale to integrate with their successful Shopify store to manage demand and keep track of their sales in-store and online.

With reports showing that the ecommerce industry has witnessed ten years worth of growth in just three months in 2020, it has become clear that businesses must get online to survive.

And why not? Creating an Ecommerce store needn’t be difficult with user-friendly builders such as Shopify.

However, in order to maximise customer satisfaction retailers will need to ensure they have a fully integrated system to track both online and offline sales.

AirPOS customer Rory Kelly has been able to integrate his two sales channels and in doing been able to operate more effectively and make strategic business decisions that keep his customers coming back for more.

Check out Rory’s story below and how he has integrated his AirPOS Point of sale system with his Shopify Ecommerce store.

Merchants of fun

Check out Rory’s story below and how he has integrated his AirPOS Point of sale system with his Shopify Ecommerce store.

Merchants of Fun (MOF) is a games experience centre located in North Belfast, Northern Ireland. To simply call MOF a toy shop would be an understatement.

MOF hosts two floors to get hands-on with new games, organises events and importantly buys the best games from around the world that are educationally focused and fun!

“Kids families and teachers get a chance to come here and be hands-on with the games before they even think about taking them away. We believe we have on offer some of the best games that you probably won’t get anywhere else.”

Rory had been a traditional retailer for 25 years and primarily involved in the B2B selling of games, trading with retailers directly allowing them to handle the in-store operations.

However with the closure of Belfast’s main Gaming cafe and the decision of Easons to pull their stores in N.I. he felt it was time to intervene and save the industry in his hometown.

Many believed it crazy to open a store in 2020 amid COVID, however, Rory recognised that it was exactly the right time.

More than ever it’s important to protect the mental health of young people, and traditional gaming is the perfect way to do this, it helps pull attention away from screens and allows family and friends to connect.

Merchant's of fun shop

Why did Merchants of Fun choose AirPOS?

Choosing an integrated EPOS system was crucial for Rory and his team.

They already had a successful online store and needed to ensure that opening a new physical location wasn’t going to cause havoc to their inventory management.

They needed a solution that was both simple to use and sophisticated enough to manage their growing demand.

AirPOS provided the perfect solution providing Rory with a complete point of sale system including free hardware and integration with Shopify that he needed in order to make his business work.

“I was initially a little put off about having a digital system because I’m a self-confessed technophobe but the guys at AirPOS just make it so self-explanatory, within minutes you really are up and running”

As a traditional retailer Rory discussed how the integration of AirPOS was one of the real highlights when he opened.

Humdrum tasks such as stock-taking had become quick and easy and more importantly immediately synchronised with their online shop to ensure they were able to accurately track their sales.

When speaking with Rory he highlighted AirPOS Reports as the standout feature that has transformed his business. Digital reporting has enabled him to operate much more strategically having one consolidated sales report and bestseller list.

“AirPOS allows us to see what the trends are so that we can really start to look for games of a similar nature that we can think about bringing in next”

In a highly competitive industry, it’s been perfect that Rory can now buy products more thoughtfully and ensure his customers are always satisfied.

Working closely with trade customers Rory can often find himself on the road and has relied heavily on the real-time data from AirPOS reports. From wherever he is he can track his inventory and monitor productivity back in the physical store.

Merchants of fun website

How they have integrated AirPOS with their Shopify store

When choosing their point of sale system, it was essential that MOF was able to integrate with their online Shopify Store.

With AirPOS Rory was able to seamlessly integrate his Shopify Ecommerce with his point of sale. The team has been able to make sales with confidence and without fear of losing visibility of their stock.

Rory credits AirPOS and the Shopify integration for creating a better buying experience for his customers. Customers were able to check MOF’s products online, check out what they had in stock and take advantage of their click and collect service.

Having an online store acted as a great showcase of their business. Rory admitted that their website worked really well to encourage new customers to come down to the new physical shop and trial some of their games.

The motivation behind MOF was to create this experience and the Shopify store helped to support this.

The Shopify “Integration has enabled us to build really great navigation for customers to make it easy to find the games we offer. It has also been a great way to showcase our products and found it’s a great way to encourage customers to come into the store and demo the games that we have.”

Final thoughts

AirPOS has allowed MOF to integrate seamlessly and easily into Ecommerce, giving them an extra sales channel so they can increase revenue and sell their products 24/7.

“The team at AirPOS are great and really relieves a lot of the pressure points that a new business or small business may have.

I would recommend AirPOS not only to new businesses but also to existing businesses who want to take that next step forward, to think about how they can integrate an online platform like Shopify with their Offline service.”

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