How Fun Junction Uses AirPOS to Manage Their Busy Toy Store

Func Junction needed an EPOS solution for their super busy retail & ecommerce shop. This is how AirPOS customers, Fun Junction use their point of sale to manage their busy traditional toy stores and have increased their sales through integrated Ecommerce.

Ever searched for the joy and excitement felt as a child in a toy shop? Well, this is exactly what is delivered at Fun Junction!

These family-run vintage toy shops, located in Perth and Crieff are reminiscent of the small independent toy sellers from childhood, before the days of major conglomerates.

Although traditional, the Fun Junction offers an extensive range of toys, puzzles, games and crafts.

Fun Junction came to AirPOS looking for a solution that would help them sell in-store and online with an integrated ecommerce store, and that’s exactly what they got.

Fun Junction Games

Fun Junction has been an AirPOS customer for 6 years using it to make their vision a reality.

Their belief that you are never too old to play and be creative has resonated with many people keeping them busy both in-store and online.

Realising the importance of choosing the correct Point of Sale the team at Fun Junction wanted to find a solution that was simple to use and integrate across their two stores.

Karen from Fun Junction explained that they have members of staff who are less confident when it comes to technology so it was crucial to find a system that they could use with ease.

There was no need for the business to have a complex and overcomplicated point of sale with specialist functions.

They needed something reliable that could manage their busy retail store, and they feel like they have this with AirPOS.

Function Junction toy shop offers a huge variety of products catering to both adults and children alike.

They needed a system that had a sophisticated inventory management system that was capable of tracking their stock and reporting their sales.

Using AirPOS has enabled them to see what products their customers love and it enables them to have items in stock across both their stores and online.

Karen highlighted when speaking with us that they have always been impressed with the level of support available at AirPOS. Any question answered; any problem solved, in no time at all.

This has been particularly important when operating two stores as well as managing their ecommerce store all from one platform.

Fun Junction Store

Fun Junctions Uses AirPOS & Shopify Ecommerce Integration

Fun Junction use AirPOS to manage their successful retail business not only in their physical space but also online.

Part of the reason why Fun Junction chose AirPOS was simplicity, which also applies to the set-up of their ecommerce website.

Using the AirPOS Shopify Integration Karen and the team were able to upload their products directly from their back office with zero fuss to build their website.

This has enabled them to expand their reach and serve customers across the country.

Karen mentioned that AirPOS Shopify Integration has been particularly useful, acting as a catalogue of products as well as showcasing the company mission and their contact details.

Stocking a wide variety of products, it’s valuable for Fun Junction to allow its customers to go online and browse their stock, discovering new items as well as searching for specific ones.

Fun Junction

When speaking with Fun Junction we asked them why they have chosen to stay with AirPOS for 6 years. They found that although the features were crucial for their business it was the character of AirPOS that has made them stay.

“AirPOS feels like a nice local company, like themselves. When speaking with the team it doesn’t come across like a major corporation. Everything feels very personal and the support has been very helpful.”

Make sure to check out Fun Junction here to discover more about their unique business and browse their wide variety of toys!

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