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10 PowerFul Tips to Improve Your Ecommerce Product Photography

Great product photography will help you sell more products on your ecommerce site, and it's not that difficult to do. In the following guide, we take a look at 10 powerful tips that can help you improve your product photography.

Ecommerce content marketing

23 Powerful Ecommerce Content Marketing Tips for Retailers

Are you missing out on the number one way to attract new customers, increase conversions and improve your ranking on Google search results? In this guide, we show you some easy, but powerful content marketing strategies retailers like you can use to boost your eCommerce presence, and sales.

How to start an ecommerce site – a retailers guide

Starting an eCommerce site is a must for retailers in 2022. In the following guide we take a look at how you can get started with an eCommerce store so you can reach a bigger audience, future proof your business, and make more sales. We'll cover everything from the start so you can get going in no time.

click and collect in store

How To Launch Click And Collect: A Guide for Retailers

Click and Collect has been on an upward growth trajectory since before the pandemic, although the lockdown did make curbside pick-up more popular. To give you some perspective, in the UK it is estimated that by 2022 click and collect sales will increase by 55% to £9.6 billion or 13.9% of all online spending. So if your business hasn’t already adopted Click and Collect, now’s the time to leverage this omnichannel model to expand your revenue streams.

Killer product descriptions

How to write killer ecommerce product descriptions that help you sell more

Writing great product descriptions could be the difference between a sale and someone leaving your site for competitors. In the following guide, we teach you how to write killer product titles and descriptions so your ecommerce products stand out from the crowd.

Social media marketing

The Retailer’s Guide to E-commerce – Part 2: Social Media Marketing

In this week’s article, we focus on the world of social media marketing for retailers. We’ll look at some ways of rapidly building your audience when you're starting out, the use of paid advertising on social media and how to work with influencers.

Getting website traffic

The Retailer’s Guide to E-commerce – Part 1: Getting Website Traffic

As an established bricks-and-mortar retailer, it’s easy to feel lost in a strange new world when you first launch your e-commerce site. But, never fear! Your friendly neighbourhood EPOS solution is here to help.

retail ecommerce trends

19 retail ecommerce trends to watch in 2022

With retail ecommerce set to continue massive growth, we look at 19 retail ecommerce trends set to take off in 2022.

Shopify alternatives

The 5 best Shopify alternatives for retailers reviewed

With so many ecommerce platforms out there, how can you choose the right option for your retail business? In the following article, we look at the 5 best Shopify ecommerce alternatives.

integrated retail ecommerce

5 ways to successfully integrate your ecommerce and bricks-and-mortar store

Integrating your online and offline shops has never been more relevant. When covid-19 hit retailers flocked to selling online. Many retailers struggled with integrating online and offline stores. In this guide, we look at 5 ways to make managing online and offline shops easier.

Shopify product launch

How to successfully launch a new product on Shopify

Launching a new store doesn't mean you'll be an instant online success. It takes careful planning and know-how to successfully launch new products online. In the following guide, we take a look at how you do just that.

What is WooCommerce? Is it good for ecommerce?

Helped in no small part by the global pandemic, online shopping has risen significantly in popularity, and one platform, in particular, has revelled in its status as the most used ecommerce platform, WooCommerce.

What is omnichannel commerce for retail?

As technology advances and customer expectations evolve, omnichannel retail is here to stay. What was considered fantasy in 2001 is a minimum requirement in 2022. Here’s why.

The 6 Best Premium Ecommerce Shopify Themes for Retailers [2022]

With hundreds of Shopify themes available and all tailored to specific industries, how do you ensure you are choosing the right one for your business? We have spoken with Shopify experts at Chorus Commerce to compile a list of the top 6 Shopify themes for retailers.

SEO for Shopify

SEO for Shopify – 10 SEO Tips to rank higher with Google – A Retailers Guide

Meta titles, Keywords and Google bots. Starting ecommerce it can be difficult to understand how to optimise your page for Google and best SEO practices. In the following guide, we give you 10 tips to help you rank quicker with your Shopify site.

Integrate Shopify and AirPOS

6 Reasons Why Retailers Need To Integrate Shopify with a POS System

Make selling simple by syncing your inventory, prices & reports with a powerful POS & Ecommerce integration. Discover our top 6 reasons why you should integrate ecommerce with your POS system and also why you should choose Shopify.

Best free Shopify themes

Best FREE Shopify Themes for Retailers [2022]

Discover the top 5 Free Shopify themes available to small businesses. Our latest piece will help you choose the most suitable theme for your business enabling you to build an attractive, functional and profitable Ecommerce site at a fraction of the cost.

Shopify for ecommerce

8 Reasons Shopify is the BEST ecommerce platform for retailers

With the rapid increase of online sales and the added pressure of a global pandemic, the time is now to start your Ecommerce store. Check out the 8 key reasons why you should choose Shopify to build your Ecommerce site and also the importance of creating an integrated system with your POS.

Shopify ecommerce

Shopify Review – Is Shopify The Best Ecommerce Platform For Retail?

With an unpredictable retail environment, it is more important than ever to expand your business into the online space. Although Shopify is incredibly popular, is it the best choice for your retail business?

10 ecommerce mistakes retailers MUST avoid [2022]

In 2023, Ecommerce retail purchases are set to rise from 14.1% to 22%. It is now crucial to take your business online, however, how do you make sure you are getting the most from your online store? We have outlined the most common mistakes when starting with Ecommerce and how you can avoid them!

Why should retailers sell online? It’s simple, to make more money.

Selling online is a way to future proof your retail business. Find out why e-commerce is the next big thing and how to start with an online store below.