8 Key Reasons Why You Need to be Using an EPOS System

"The extinction of traditional terminals is nearer than you think". Are traditional tills a thing of the past and a hindrance to the success of your business? Check out key reasons why you need to make the move to an ePOS system.

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Despite the number of options available and the wealth of information online many retailers still stick with their traditional push-button tills rather than upgrade to a more sophisticated ePOS system.

When operating a small brick and mortar store it is cumbersome task to keep up to date with the latest technology, particularly if you are busy and the current system works.

With the rapid advancement of technology and changes in consumer behaviour, more retailers are making the move towards ePOS systems leading to the slow death of traditional tills. Will those who are resistant to change still be competitive?

The list of benefits for cloud-based point of sale systems continues to grow. This is why we have compiled a list of the 8 major benefits of choosing an ePOS system over a traditional till.

1) Future proof your business

One of the wonderful things about ePOS systems is that they will grow with your business. The opportunities are limitless, with the ability to add integrations across hardware and software as well as payments and accounting.

As your business expands you can develop your system so that it can manage growing demand to meet your specific needs.

It is also worth noting that electronic point of sale systems are multi location meaning that if you are expanding and opening a new premises you can add more devices to your package.

With information stored in the cloud you will be able to set up a device at new location with zero fuss and at a much lower cost than purchasing more hardware.

2) Mobility

Unlike traditional till systems you can use your POS to sell anytime, anywhere.

With a cloud-based solution, you will have online & offline capabilities enabling you to make sales and manage your inventory despite connectivity issues.
This will open your business to a variety of new opportunities, selling at markets, trade fairs or even in store when your internet is weak.

In combination with mobile card readers and other hardware, you will be able to take your business on the move with you, extending your customer reach and exposure.

3) More manageable set up

Although this may appear insignificant and purely superficial, using an ePOS software will allow you to build a compact point of sale system, that is small in size but big on power.

ePOS tills incorporate many different systems in one making it easy to streamline your checkout space.

From one small device you can host your point of sale, inventory management system and reports. As well as this you can link to small portable card readers, scanners and receipt printers allowing you to get creative with the set up of your store with freedom in building your customer journey.


4) Better reporting

Having visibility across your reports is the key to gaining a competitive advantage. Reports should be integral in your business planning and the management of your store; therefore, you want them to be concise, thorough and updated in real-time.

With an ePOS system, you will be able to link your point of sale to accounting software such as Xero making your reports more readily available. With the touch of a button, you can access, reports on your best sellers, busiest periods and staff performance amongst others.

Rather than organising your business based on a whim, you can use reports to act strategically, for example when is the best time to have more staff in, what products should be on offer? You will be able to launch new campaigns with the knowledge of what hasn't worked previously and show customers you have a better understanding of their needs.

AirPOS goes further than simply reporting through your POS. The AirPOS reports app is your way to keep track of your business wherever you are. This can be downloaded on to your apple or android device so that even when not in the store you have full visibility and can still be involved in future planning.

Check out how are customers Comic Book Guys have used AirPOS reports to transform their successful retail store.

5) Improved customer experience

The most valuable asset to any business is loyal and satisfied customers.

Using an updated system will help to speed up your checkout process and eliminate the chance of error. With easy and integrated inventory management you will be able to check stock for customers in a matter of seconds.

If you are a retail store offering a wide array of products it can be difficult when a customer asks about item availability. Often a member of staff will have to take the time to check storerooms causing delays and taking them off the shop floor which is disruptive to operations.


With an ePOS system staff members can quickly check updated stock reports and immediately tell customers what items are available. If the product they were searching for is out of stock, increased visibility across products means that they will be able to offer alternatives or upsell other products that are available.

On top of this, you will be able to use consumer data to create a more valuable and personalised experience in-store with discounts and loyalty schemes etc.

In a study conducted by Wunderman, it was found that 79% of consumers said that brands have to actually demonstrate that they understand and care about them before they consider purchasing. With an electronic point of sale solution showing you customers you care couldn't be easier, using their data to tailor the service and your offering to meet their specific needs.

6) Marketing opportunities

One of the key benefits of ePOS is the ability to store data. As mentioned, this can be used to generate reports and provide a more tailored experience in store.

ePOS systems can help you to target your customers and keep them informed even when they're not in your physical shop.

Using a POS businesses can collect customers emails to offer the option of email receipts which is not only more sustainable and reliable but collects customer information for future marketing opportunities.

This partnered with customer accounts will give you a greater understanding of customer purchases and their buying behaviour.

Why is this so important? You can use this information to build tailored email campaigns to notify customers of upcoming offers or sales that you feel they would be interested in.

Email campaigns are also a great way to convey your brand image. You can use these to update your customers about your business' social activities in newsletters, showing them how you are active in the industry rather than simply trying to sell to them. You can create a strong personality for your business, one that has a message which will keep your customers coming back for more. There is a reason why around 80% of businesses rely on email marketing to improve their customer retention rate.

Keeping an open line of communication with your customers is a great way to build loyalty, ensuring you are always at front of mind when they are considering their next purchase.

7) Have confidence even when you're not around

Although you may trust your staff, it’s reasonable that many business owners feel anxious leaving others in charge, particularly for long periods of time.

Understandably simple mistakes can be made in busy times when the pressure is on. Traditional point of sale systems tend to be more complicated and therefore time will have to be taken to ensure new members of staff can be trusted to process sales with confidence.

With an ePOS system, you are removing the opportunity for human error. ePOS systems are more sophisticated, with synchronisation, automation and integration capabilities.

After basic initial training staff will be able to make sales with more confidence with less steps in processing a transaction and a user-friendly platform which is closer to a smartphone which they use daily.


In terms of the retailer, real time reports mean that you will have complete visibility even when you are not there. In the case that a mistake may have been made, sales reports can be used and compared so that you can understand exactly when, how and why it was happened and importantly how it can be resolved.

8) Take your business online with Ecommerce

The world is moving into a digital age dominated by online shopping with an estimated 1.8 billion purchases made online a year. Although you may run a traditional brick and mortar store, those who are resistant to this change will find it difficult to compete in years to come.

This is not saying that you need to move completely online but giving customers the choice and opening your business to a much wider audience can only help to improve your sales.

An ePOS system will make this transition easier with many providers offering this Ecommerce integration as part of your subscription or for an additional fee.

By integrating the two you are increasing your visibility, linking the reports from your online store to your webstore and you will be able to synchronise the products in your backoffice to allow for easy upload online.


Is it really crucial to move to an ePOS system?

Although you may already have a point of sale, scared to make the jump to a modern system or are tempted by the offer to buy an old, cheaper traditional till, the long term benefits of ePOS cannot be ignored.

An older system may work now but these will only become more outdated and begin to hinder your business growth.

Within this article we outlined the key benefits that we have found from customer feedback and years within the industry however there are more, and these can easily be found through a quick google search.

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If you are considering making the move to an ePOS system and would like more information, get in touch with us here. AirPOS offers a free 14 day trial as well as free demos and zero contracts so that you can ensure you are confident with the system before making any decisions. You can also avail of our free customer support which is available 7 days a week with a dedicated staff ready to answer any questions and solve any problems you may have.