The three steps to get started with your point of sale system

At AirPOS we believe getting started with your point of sale system should be as easy as 1,2,3. Read through our simple stages so you can get going with zero fuss and get the best set up for your business.

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If you have never worked with or used an ePOS system previously, knowing where to start can be confusing. With a simple google search, you will find yourself in a sea of technical jargon which, understandably, can be off-putting to any retailer entering this space. However, getting started with your ePOS system does not need to be complicated, in fact it only requires you to take three easy steps.

We have outlined the journey in a simple guide with an accompanying infographic so that you can get your point of sale system up and running with zero fuss.

Choose your ePOS software

With the growth of mobile technology, the number of ePOS providers has exploded in the past decade. With so much choice how can you be certain you are choosing the right solution for your business?

An ePOS software put simply, will act as your till allowing you to manage inventory, view reports and process transactions, easily on one device. This sophisticated software can be downloaded onto multiple devices across, mobile, tablets and traditional hardware depending on your preference.

Different ePOS providers will offer multiple capabilities and hosting platforms, therefore choosing the right company will completely depend on your specific business’ needs. There are key questions you must ask yourself making your choice,

  • What industry are you in?
  • Where is your business based?
  • What are the key features you need?
  • What level of support will you need from your provider?
  • What degree of mobility do you need?

Although many companies will boast that their ePOS software is free, this is rarely the case.

This can true if the software is open source, which if technically minded may be the right fit for your business as you will be required to set up your system and build it out yourself. However Open-source software will not offer the same support that you would receive from a provider who can guide you through the process, offer assistance and guidance on integration options or hardware packages.

On the other hand, some cloud-based providers will also advertise their software as free however there will be hidden fees behind contracts and additional add ons. In the worst-case scenarios, retailers who have not conducted adequate research find themselves in expensive contracts with even higher early opt-out clauses.

The most reliable option for small businesses is to partner with a company, like AirPOS, who offer a small monthly cost but with no contract. You will be able to take on an ePOS system without the fear of being trapped with it for years, ramping up your costs. Also by taking advantage of free trial periods with such companies, you will be able to play around with software, and better understand how it will fit into your business.

At this stage in getting started with an ePOS system, research is crucial. You must outline your requirements with potential providers, take advantage of free demos and trials where possible to ensure you fully understand the product before you buy. This is also an important step to learn the limitations of specific providers. Although sometimes awkward, this is the time to ask the hard questions, who they partner with, connectivity issues, any functionalities they may not cater to. This research is incredibly vital at this stage, you will not want to purchase software and then be short in a time of need.


For more information on purchasing your Point of sale check out our buyers guide on our community site.

Choose your Payment provider

As you make the move to a more sophisticated ePOS solution, you will also need a payment terminal that supports your sales.

For some, this will be easier than others. If you have chosen a provider who offers a complete all in one solution they will often be able to offer their own payment coverage however this can come at a higher cost and cemented contract.

If you have chosen a provider who is simply the ePOS provider they will be able to offer you options in regards to your payments depending on who their system integrates with.

Similar to choosing the software, when choosing payments you will need to consider the level of coverage your business needs and also how many card payments you will be processing each month. If you have not chosen your payment processor yet we would recommend using a handy payment calculator like offered by storekit enabling you to compare different companies and find the right fit for your business.

There are are a variety of payment providers who will integrate with your point of sale, two popular choices, however, are iZettle and SumUp. Particularly for businesses on the move these companies offer powerful mobile card readers that can be linked to your point of sale device.

AirPOS currently runs an offer with both these businesses giving you the opportunity to claim a free card reader for your business. Get in touch with us today to find out more.


Choose your hardware

Similar to payments, some ePOS providers will offer their own hardware often at a higher contact cost.

The benefit of choosing a no-contract solution such as AirPOS is that if you have hardware from a previous solution, it can still be integrated with our POS. You will not be tied in to purchasing any new hardware packages.

However, if you are a new business or expanding and require accompanying hardware for your POS, you will first need to take time to define your needs. The most common mistake made by retailers with ePOS solutions is being pressured to take on too much too fast. Consider your business type currently; what is essential for the day to day running but also where you hope to be in a short time frame.

If you have chosen an appropriate provider they will not pressure you into taking on more than you need but still offer a variety of options.

Many major ePOS providers, including AirPOS, are partnered with businesses such as Storekit, who specialise in providing point of sale hardware that can integrate with multiple providers. When creating your ePOS set up find out what point of sale provider would recommend in terms of hardware and whether they can get you any discount with specific hardware companies.


Looking for the perfect Point of sale? Choose AirPOS

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Check out the infographic below for a summary of the above information and use this as your guide when getting started with your ePOS system.