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The AirPOS team

AirPOS has always been a business devoted to their customers and helping them grow, but who are the people behind the product? Starting small, in 2008, in Belfast, Airpos recognised the chaos involved in Point of sale systems and saw a business opportunity in an area that was still relatively untouched at the time. Our overriding aim is to take the fuss out of payments and back office management; providing a sophisticated system that is adaptable to any company, no matter the size.

However that is what we do, not who we are. The AirPOS team itself has continued to grow over the years and is comprised of people from all walks of life, backgrounds and expertise. This variety enables us to provide a well rounded service but also means conversations around the office are always interesting so we thought why not use this and put it in a blog.

Equally important however is the people around us. AirPOS was born into the small community of Belfast and this is something that is woven into the fabric of our business. We wanted to create a space to showcase the talents of customers and local community as they are the life and blood of our organisation.  

The AirPOS Blog will give readers not only insights into our customers; there will updates related to our business, education pieces and opinion based articles based on current events that have sparked our interest. This blog is not only for our current customers, we hope there is something here for everyone, so take a quick “wee” read through and maybe you'll find out something new.

The AirPOS Team