6 Reasons Why AirPOS is the Best POS & Ecommerce for Retail Businesses

AirPOS Pro is the perfect solution for small retailers to transform their business, ensuring customer satisfaction and enabling them to sell multichannel. Find out the top 6 reasons why small Retailers should be using AirPOS Pro

AirPOS’ mission is to ensure you, as small retailers, have access to all the tools you need to run your business and sell more without costing an arm and a leg.

This is exactly what you get with AirPOS.

AirPOS is ideal for any budding retail business, offering you the features to maximise your customer experience, build brand loyalty and importantly, future proof your business with a powerful ecommerce solution, our Shopify integration.

This article is for existing customers thinking about upgrading to AirPOS and for new customers to explain why AirPOS is worth the extra investment for your business.

6 Reasons you should be using AirPOS

There are plenty of reasons to use AirPOS, in the following section we take a look at the main reasons why you would make the switch.

Make More Sales with Customer Loyalty Schemes

A sure way to maximise your sales is through the creation of a loyalty scheme. There is no better way to turn visitors into regular customers. It was found in a survey by More Than Accounts that “loyal customers are 5 times more likely to repurchase, 5 times more likely to forgive, 4 times more likely to refer, and 7 times more likely to try a new offering.”

AirPOS loyalty scheme comes at no extra cost and allows you to reward your customers with offers that are relevant to them.

By integrating your loyalty scheme with your Point of Sale you are removing the need for physical cards and coupons. When a customer is making a purchase you can simply check their account, reward points or use existing points against a purchase.

This makes the loyalty system a streamlined process for the customer and guarantees they will be rewarded every time they are in store.

Interestingly in the same recent survey, it was also found that “79 per cent of consumers prefer loyalty programs that do not require a card.”

Loyalty schemes offer huge rewards for you as a business owner giving you deeper insights into your customer’s spending habits.

You can use this data to create relevant promotions and market your business more effectively.

Coming into the busy season this is important as it ensures you have your most popular products in stock and can strategically market said products across socials and paid advertising.

Check out how AirPOS loyalty transformed how one local retailer managed his business and secured repeat business from his customers.

Flexible Payment Plans with Customer Accounts

Consumers value flexibility and with AirPOS you have more options available on how your customers can pay.

Customer Accounts is an incredibly powerful tool within AirPOS. It allows you to store customer data, review their purchase history and importantly allow them to make payments against their account.

This has several use cases with the most popular being “buy now, pay later” schemes.

“Buy Now, Pay Later” schemes will act as an incentive for customers to shop with you, have the ability to make larger purchases with the confidence that they can pay over a chosen period.

Considering that last year as many as 30% of customers said they wouldn’t have been able to make purchases that year if it hadn’t been for buy now, pay later options.

If you’re a supplier of larger ticket items or services, customer accounts will help to drive up sales and order values. PayPal actually attributes “buy now, pay later” to a 39% increase in sales.

In 2020 customers expect to have flexible payment options. With the surge of competition and the growth of ecommerce, you don’t want to lose a customer to a competitor because they offer them flexibility in paying for products or services.

EPOS system in store

Scale with Trade Accounts

AirPOS gives trade merchants all the tools to ensure they can manage their customers effectively.

With the customer accounts feature you can allow customers to buy in bulk and return what they don’t use, or alternatively put down a tab in their name for multiple people to use. This streamlined process makes it incredibly easy for customers to shop with you giving you a competitive offering compared to DIY giants like B&Q etc.

Also with customer accounts, you are able to see the items that your customers need most often which will allow you to manage your inventory more strategically ensuring that you have all their favourite items in stock at all times.

Here from our long time customers at Bespoke Decors who are using AirPOS to help them juggle their trade and retail accounts and ensure customer satisfaction.


Setup Shopify ecommerce

Sell Online with Shopify 24/7

AirPOS will future proof your business allowing you to sell to your customers anytime, anywhere, with our powerful Shopify integration.

Selling online for retailers have become more and more important with “Ecommerce sales are expected to account for 15.5% of retail sales worldwide in 2020”.

Therefore it is fundamental that any Retail store makes the transition into multichannel sales which can be done by using AirPOS Ecommerce, or the Shopify Integration.

AirPOS Ecommerce offers a basic store with limited functionality for creating a proper website. This is why we have partnered with Shopify, as it allows you to create a fully functional ecommerce website with no coding knowledge, in no time.

Our Shopify integration will enable you to double your sales channel by building your Ecommerce store ensuring customers can buy from you 24/7 no matter the location.

You will be able to seamlessly set up your store through your AirPOS account, using all your current product data which will mean all sales are connected and your inventory will be synced across both platforms.

In 2020 we have seen how volatile the retail industry can be.

By building an integrated Ecommerce store you never need to worry if you experience unexpected store closures, you can simply direct customers to your online ecommerce store and continue to sell as normal.

As well as this you are opening your business up to a much wider audience with an increased opportunity to maximise sales.

Building your online store with Shopify needn’t be complicated, with AirPOS your products will seamlessly sync across saving you time, effort and ensuring all your data is consistent both in-store and online.

Most Affordable EPOS Solution

AirPOS is by far the most affordable ePOS and Ecommerce solution on the market.

It’s commonplace that other providers will offer special promotions and pricing plans for an EPOS solution, however, when it comes to the final bill you will be met with a number of hidden charges that will often double the price you were originally quoted.

With AirPOS, what you see is exactly what you get, our pricing is transparent on our website and any integrations or updates come with the package you choose at no extra cost.

With an AirPOS annual subscription, we’ve taken this to the next level, we are even offering our retailer’s hardware bundle for FREE, it’s that simple.

Free Hardware Bundle

It will be hard to find a better hardware deal on the market that encompasses both your software and hardware for one affordable fixed price. With your AirPOS retail bundle you will receive a tablet stand, cash drawer, Receipt printer and barcode scanner, all you have to do is add a tablet device.

This is the perfect set up to allow you to serve customers more efficiently and better manage your business operations. Whether you’re starting a new business or a long time retailer searching for a more effective point of sale solution, the AirPOS Hardware bundle will transform your business for a fraction of the cost of our competitors.

What our customers say about AirPOS.

AirPOS has helped 1000s of businesses across the UK and Ireland transform their operations and better satisfy their customers.

Still not convinced of the value of AirPOS? Hear from some of our customers on how their system has helped their business and the features they love most.

“Easy to use and very easy to set up. Really like that Ecommerce and shop stock are linked so inventory is much easier. Great POS system that everyone should use”
Calder Angling Supplies.

“The system is easy and simple to use and works perfectly for meeting the needs of both our retail customers and Trade Customers”
Bespoke Decor.

“AirPOS loyalty is modern, it’s sleek and it integrates perfectly with our till system.”
Comic Book Guys.

Get started with AirPOS today for free

Start your 14 day free trial with AirPOS today so that you can try out its features in your business. This is the best way to play around with our software at your own pace and see how our service can help you. Even better our trial is completely free with no commitments or credit card information required.

New to ePOS systems and would prefer a more guided approach?

We also offer free remote demos where a member of our experienced team will be able to walk you through all the features available with AirPOS and customise it to your business.

This will give you the opportunity to see the POS in action and ask any questions you may have.

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