Save £150 on your POS Hardware with AirPOS

Get £150 off a POS hardware bundle with an annual subscription to AirPOS

Ready to get serious with your business but dont know where to start? We have done all the work so you don't have to. AirPOS brings you complete hardware bundles at a fraction of the cost with an annual subscription to AirPOS.

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How do I get £150 Off my Hardware

To save £150 on hardware, simply choose an annual supscription to AirPOS and we will give you a voucher to use on any of our hardware bundles. It's that simple. Just follow these steps:

  • 1. Start your free trial with AirPOS

  • 2. Choose an annual subscription plan

  • 3. Select AirPOS

  • 4. Choose your hardware

  • 5. £150 Discount will be applied when you go to cart

If you want to get completely free hardware, check out the AirPOS Pro subscription.

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Save money & Sell more

Track & manage inventory, make sales, and analyse your business with reports, all from one mobile place.

With your annual subscription not only will you get a modern, industry standard hardware pack but also the UK's leading point of sale software for small businesses.

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Interested in completely free hardware

Do you want a complete Hardware bundle cost free, with zero fuss enabling you to effectively manage your business? With annual subscription to AirPOS Pro you can get all your hardware for free.

AirPOS Pro enables you to maximise customer satisfaction and future proof your business with added functionalities such as loyalty, customer accounts and a Shopify integration.

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So why choose AirPOS to power your store?


Money off your Hardware

With the AirPOS hardware bundle you will be able to equip your business with quality and reliable hardware without breaking the bank. You can build a kit that meets your needs and ensures you can manage your business effectively.

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UK leading point of sale

AirPOS is the #1 point of sale for small businesses in the UK with ever evolving functionalties designed to help you sell more. Take advantage of increased visibility across stock, advanced reporting and offline capabilities.

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World Class free support

Not an expert in Point of sale systems? No problem. AirPOS support is available 7 days a week from 9am to midnight so that you can run your system flawlessly never losing a sale.

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