Use your EPOS system & grow your business with AirPOS Pro

20% of your customers create 80% of your revenue. Let’s grow their value and attract new customers too!
  • Complete EPOS system & Shopify integration with customer accounts and customer loyalty features.

  • Run customer loyalty campaigns, and give customers the option to set up accounts and pay off bills over time, both in-store and online.

  • Increase sales and retain customers with AirPOS Pro. Your Shopify integration enables you to sell 24/7/365 so you never miss an opportunity.

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AirPOS Pro

Customer loyalty software

Retain current customers and attract new ones with AirPOS Pro.
  • You can offer points to customers relating to what they spend in-store or online. Pounds for you and points for customers.

  • Reward customers for their repeat business and report on sales increases related to your schemes.

  • Increase customer retention, grow your sales volumes and attract new customers by advertising your campaigns!

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Customer accounts

Flexible payment options for repeat customers and businesses.
  • Allow customers or businesses to set up accounts and pay off credit over time.

  • Retain customers and drive loyalty with flexible payments.

  • Increase sales and customer retention by using customer information to run marketing campaigns based on their behaviour.

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Shopify ecommerce integration

Make your business completely multichannel by building your Shopify store.
  • Easy and quick to get started with our assisted set-up. Shopify is simple to use, with no coding knowledge required.

  • Sell worldwide 24/7/365. Use ecommerce and sales reports to help you sell more, any time and anywhere around the world.

  • Full inventory management. Simple to upload existing products, and easy to create new ones when you need to, saving time and resources.

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Shopify Ecommerce

World-class support

96% of our customers recommend us.

We get by with a little help from our friends, and so will you when you’re an AirPOS customer.

  • Dedicated team of experts on standby to help from set-up to updates.

  • One point of contact for all queries and issues you might have, immediately.

  • Ensure that you can keep selling in-store and online, 96% of our customers would recommend AirPOS.

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AirPOS Support

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