Give your customers flexible payments and boost sales.

Boost sales, generate repeat business, and collect customer information for better marketing opportunities.

  • Boost sales by giving customers flexible payment options on larger orders.

  • Generate repeat business by offering trade accounts to local businesses.

  • Collect customer information and make notes at the till for better service and marketing opportunities.

AirPOS Pay payments

Offer trade accounts to local businesses, encouraging customers to spend more.

Let local businesses open accounts encouraging businesses to purchase more and purchase regularly, helping you to boost sales in the short and long term.

  • Great for companies with multiple employees that purchase items often.

  • Let customers top up their accounts and spend against the account balance.

  • Create long-term customers by giving more flexible payment terms.

Customer loyalty adjustments
Bespoke decor

"Customer accounts have made life a whole lot simpler for us when dealing with trade accounts as we can now email the customer their receipts, keeping everyone in the loop and keeping customers coming back to our store"

  • David Hayes
  • Bespoke Decor

Honest pricing, no contracts, free with AirPOS.

Free with an AirPOS subscription. Get your EPOS system completely free with AirPOS Pay, or £49 if you want to use your own payment integrations.

  • Everything completely free with AirPOS Pay.

  • Transparent, honest and affordable pricing, no contracts.

  • We don’t penalise you for growth, add as many products, employees, or devices as you need.