Customer accounts & trade accounts

Flexibility for customers and increased sales for your business.
  • Create customer accounts for individuals and businesses.

  • Flexible payments for loyal customers and increased sales for your business.

  • Use sales reports and data to deliver tailored marketing campaigns to help grow your business.

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customer accounts

Easily collect & use customer data

Offer a tailored shopping experience to your loyal customers, and attract new ones.
  • Track spending and better forecast seasonal and annual sales from your most valuable customers.

  • Run marketing campaigns to specific customers and maximise sales with the data you have relating to their sales behaviour.

  • Help determine your stock levels with detailed sales reports, ensuring that you fulfil sales and retain customers.

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cashier EPOS

Keep your customers coming back for more

Increase customer retention with loyalty schemes.
  • Let customers accrue points for every Pound or Euro spent in-store or online.

  • Create a personalised shopping experience for individuals or local businesses.

  • Increase sales and grow your business every quarter with better reporting.

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Bespoke decor use customer accounts

"It has made life a whole lot simpler for us when dealing with trade accounts as we can now email the customer their receipts keeping everyone in the loop"

73% of companies with "above average" customer experiences perform better financially than their competitors.

Hear from our customers at Bespoke Decor on how they use Customer accounts to make their business simpler and maximise customer satisfaction.

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