Turn your customers into loyal fans with customer loyalty software.

Boost sales, generate repeat business, and collect customer information for better marketing opportunities.

  • Loyalty programs boost sales by 20% on average and encourage customers to spend more.

  • Create personalised marketing messages based on past purchases.

  • Automatically reward customers when they purchase from you in-store.

Customer loyalty adjustments

Honest pricing, no contracts, free with AirPOS.

Generate more sales, spend less on marketing, and keep customers coming back to your store time and time again with customer loyalty software. Free for AirPOS customers.

  • Everything completely free with AirPOS Pay.

  • Transparent, honest and affordable pricing, no contracts.

  • We don’t penalise you for growth, add as many products, employees, or devices as you need.

Bespoke decor

"We use the loyalty software to give more choice to the customer in how they pay, and the points they get make sure that they keep coming back to our store for everything from products to repairs. We use their details to email them with deals based on their purchases"

  • David Hayes
  • Bespoke Decor