With automated low-stock alerts, you'll know exactly when to re-stock items.

Know when’s the right time to stock up. It doesn't matter if you're selling in-store or online, AirPOS helps you when it comes to tracking stock. If you sell an item in-store, you'll see the changes on your ecommerce site. And vice versa.

  • Works both online and in-store.

  • Automatic notifications sent directly to your email.

  • Set stock levels so you're notified in advance.

Low stock alert

Never let your customers down. Track stock in-store and online in one dashboard.

No need to worry about splitting stock in-store and online. AirPOS gives you the power to track stock across multiple channels. Always have the right stock at the right time, and never disappoint your customers again.

  • Automatically track inventory across both online and offline channels.

  • Inventory and sales reports all in one dashboard.

  • Always have the right stock at the right time.

Reports on computer

Make better business decisions with detailed sales and stock reports.

Predict trends, forecast sales, and order stock just in time with detailed stock reports. Your inventory reports show you the seasonal trends that exist in your business, and sales reports tell you what your best-selling products are.

  • Find your best selling products, and products that don't sell.

  • Predict trends by looking at past reports.

  • Find out which staff are performing best, and train those that aren't.

Business reports and analytics

Prevent stock shrinkage and fraud. Always know where your stock goes.

Stock reports help prevent fraud and stock shrinkage by providing you with accurate reports on all stock movements.

  • Giving employees individual accounts and giving only managers access to processing refunds will help prevent fraud.

  • Track stock across multiple store and channels.

Stock control
retailer looking at stock on iPad

"Since using AirPOS, we've found it much easier to keep control of stock in our stores. It's really easy to remove and add categories, and easy to import products. The reports let us know what stock we need to order every month and quarter. We don't even need to think about it"

  • Heather McCracken
  • Oscar and Joy

View your stock levels anytime, from anywhere, with the free reports app.

You don't always have to be in your shop to keep on top of things. Use the free reports app on your mobile phone to keep tabs on your shop's performance, track stock, and much more. Free for AirPOS customers.

Retailer using AirPOS reports app