Merchants of fun

"The Shopify integration has enabled us to build a really great navigation for customers to make it easy to find the games we offer. It has also been a great way to showcase our products and it's a great way to encourage customers to come into the store"

  • Rory Kelly
  • Merchants of Fun

See how easy it is for you to start selling online

It's simple when you use AirPOS and Shopify

We've heard it for years. 'A consultant charged me £4000 for an ecommerce store and then I never heard from them again.' With AirPOS, we come along for the ride on your ecommerce journey. You can be selling online in a matter of days when you become a customer. Just one click of your mouse syncs all of your store's sales and inventory data with Shopify, and you can take control of every aspect of your business from one, easy to use dashboard.

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Choosing a shopify theme

Don't worry about multi-channel inventory management

We'll connect your Shopify store to your POS so you have full visibility of what's coming into and leaving your business

Take control of your inventory with one, easy to use dashboard, bringing together all of your stock movements from across multiple channels and multiple locations. No need for expensive workarounds or multiple dashboards for in-store and online inventory management. Use your stock alerts to ensure that you fulfill every sale and never disappoint a customer.

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Inventory multi-channel

Increase your sales volume, value and margin

Get found online and sell in your sleep

When you sell online, you'll have access to a sales team that never has to take breaks, eat, or sleep. You can truly sell 24/7, into the locations of your choosing. Attract customers from major social networks like Facebook and Instagram, and get more eyes on your business and products. With no online rates to pay, you can sell your goods at a greater margin with less costs. Your competitors are online, what are you waiting for?

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Maximise your business's potential with industry-leading, free customer support

96% of AirPOS would recommend our support

We pride ourselves on our customer support, and we know that your EPOS system is critical for your business, which is why we provide fast and dedicated support, 7 days per week, with an average response time of less than 3 minutes.

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