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Everyone thinks that cafes are simple businesses right? At AirPOS we know different!

We know about the complex VAT setup and reporting, we know about the difficulty in working out cost prices and we know that you need a fast and reliable ePOS solution that helps you to run your coffee shop without taking up your valuable time. We also know that staff need to be able to use the point of sale and payments with a minimum of training allowing you to be flexible in your hiring and staffing when needed.

We also know that repeat business is your lifeblood which is why we've created a fully integrated loyalty system as part of AirPOS Pro to entice your customers to spend with you again and again.

Think of it, POS, reporting, accounts through Xero and payments through SumUp, iZettle or Paypal for less than £60 per month with no contract? And a broad choice of hardware on three platforms, Apple iPads, Android tabs or traditional Windows based systems.

Your complex business just got a lot simpler without your costs going through the roof!

Beleaf Use AirPOS and SumUp Payments to Manage Their Busy Juice Bars and Cafe Across the UK and Ireland

ePos for coffee shops case study

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