Keep your customers happy in your buzzing cafe or coffee shop

AirPOS the point of sale for coffee shops & cafes

We understand in a highly competitive industry you need a fast and reliable ePOS solution that helps you to run your coffee shop without taking up your valuable time. AirPOS is easy to use and easy to integrate without sacrificing valuable features.

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Remove stress with effective management

Make managing your business simple with AirPOS having increased visability across your reports customers and staff. Use your ePOS system to support your opperations and make stategic decisons.

AirPOS is user friendly meaning that staff can begin making sales and taking payments with minimum training. This allows you to be much more flexible with your rotas and hire seasonal employees.

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Encourage repeat business with customer loyalty

Repeat customers are the lifeblood of your business. How do you ensure customers choose your business from the many options available?

With AirPOS Pro you can avail of a fully integrated custom loyalty scheme. Reward your customers everytime they are in store and give yourself an edge over your competitiors

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How AirPOS can transform your coffee shop or cafe?

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As mentioned with AirPOS Pro you can show you most loyal customers your appretiation by building loyalty schemes that appeal to them. Remove antiquated point systems and replace these with sleek integrated packages that will keep your customers coming back for more

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Use detailed reports for your business planning. Using AirPOS you can access your sales data easily to help build and plan your menus so that you are serving the products your customers love and never low in stock.

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Do you make your own special coffee blend or sell store mechandise? Take advantage of AirPOS free integrated Ecommerce which is free of cost and allows you to build an online webstore with zero fuss

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The point of sale system that drives growth

"We needed to update to a modern system and found that AirPOS was the UK and Ireland's leading Point of sale and Ecommerce solution"

Hear from our customers at Beleaf Juice bar on how AirPOS has helped them to manage their successful Juice Bar tracking reports and making sales whilst on the move at markets and festivals.

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AirPOS has helped to build businesses and enable them to sell more for over a decade. We understand our customers needs and ensure our system is useful, affordable and ever evolving.

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User friendly platform

An easy to use software that will take no time for you and your staff to master.

No contracts or hidden fees

Never feel locked in to a contract and utilise any exsisting hardware you may have.

Multiple integration options

Integrations across hardware and accounting to payments and banking. Creat a business set up that meets your needs

Free support

Speak with an experienced member of our team any day of the week and have issues resolved in minutes.

Advanced reports

Synchronisation allows you to recieve realtime reports from your POS and webstore. Download the AirPOS reports app so you can stay on top of your business, anytime, anywhere

Increased customer satisfaction

Keep your customers coming back for more with custom loyalty packages and customer accounts.

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