Mobile Business

Our POS is mobile so that you can be too

Whether it's a pop up shop, food truck, stall, stand or expo setup at AirPOS we've been instrumental in helping your mobile business to setup inventory, take payments and manage your finances on the move for almost a decade.

At AirPOS we've helped operators run their event bars at music festivals, pop up kiosks, food trucks, mobile cafes and culture nights around the UK with thousands of people during; enabling them to take card payments on the go. Worried about internet availability? AirPOS allows you to record your payments offline before uploading them when connectivity is restored meaning that you never miss a sale no matter what!

We've also helped our retailers to expand their reach using AirPOS multi-location inventory management capabilities to sell at Expos, Comic Cons and more, all whilst managing their items from a single place. Selling without fear of over selling and knowing when to re-order stock allows true freedom with movement and the ability to use extra locations only when you need them, which is at the heart of modern retail business all over the globe.

When he needed to take payments and manage stock on the move Paul Vickery from Cafe Continental chose AirPOS on iPad with iZettle payments

Mobile point of sale system case study

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