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"Our growth in the past five years is thanks to a lot of different factors but one of them is definitely AirPOS. The sales reports and inventory dashboard have been critical to running our business."

  • Aaron Flanagan
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Simplify your inventory management in multiple locations & on multiple channels

Never miss a sale and never let down a customer

Take control of your inventory and see every stock movement that happens within your retail business. You'll know exactly how many items you have in each location, and know exactly what is being sold in-store and online. AirPOS gives you one dashboard and one version of the truth for better decision making and better inventory planning. No more need for notepads or spreadsheets!

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AirPOS Inventory Management

Real-time business data at your finger tips

Get instant access to sales, inventory, and more reports right from the back office

Get full visibility of all your critical business information from one, easy to use dashboard. Get better forecasting for sales and inventory, track staff performance and grow your sales with better data, both in-store and online.

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Sell online and increase your sales volume, value and margin

Get found online and sell in your sleep

When you sell online, you'll have access to a sales team that never has to take breaks, eat, or sleep. You can truly sell 24/7, into the locations of your choosing. Attract customers from major social networks like Facebook and Instagram, and get more eyes on your business and products. With no online rates to pay, you can sell your goods at a greater margin with less costs. Your competitors are online, what are you waiting for?

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Retailer selling online

Increase revenue with customer accounts and loyalty schemes

Get repeat customers in your retail store with flexible payment options

Let local businesses and consumers open an account for large purchases, and to generate increased business around seasonal events such as Christmas and Black Friday. Offering accounts encourages businesses to purchase more and purchase regularly, helping you boost sales. When using a customer loyalty program you can create a more profitable and stable business by using purchasing data to run effective and growth-led marketing campaigns.

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exclusive loyalty marketing

Safe, contactless payments from multiple AirPOS partners

Quicker transactions with exclusive rates to save money and speed up your queues

Keep customers happy with cash, card and contactless payments. Your retail POS system can integrate with your payment provider, making payments quicker, and safer. Integrate with your accountancy app to reduce the need for manual reporting and double data entry on multiple platforms.

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Contactless payments


Integrate with our partners or connect with business apps to manage your business from on, easy to use dashboard.

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Shopify POS


Connect AirPOS to Shopify and take control of your business with one dashboard for all your critical business information.

SumUp integrations


A mobile payments processor that delivers a simple and easy to use payments solution for retailers.

Worldpay integration


Worldpay is a leading payments processor, catering to every size of retail business.


Connect AirPOS to Xero for seamless business accounting, and one version of the truth for all your sales information.

Zettle integration


Eliminate errors and speed up queue times in your store with Zettle.

Maximise your retail store's potential with industry-leading, free customer support

96% of our customers recommend us for support!

We pride ourselves on support. We understand that your EPOS system is critical for your business, which is why we provide fast and dedicated support, 7 days per week, with an average response time of less than 3 minutes.

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