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POS for Services Industry

Offering repairs? Trade accounts? Credit accounts? We've got you covered with AirPOS Pro.

Cant find the right point of sale to manage your customers? AirPOS have always been a useful tool to those working in the services industry and therefore we have been on a mission to improve our product to meet your needs.

POS For Services
POS For Services Industry

We understand that services and repairs are unique industries and require a higher level of customer management than traditional retail shops. This is why we we have created an ePOS system with the services industry in mind, introducing unique features such as customer accounts.  The AirPOS pro customer account management functionality allows you to build up your customer database, take partial and full payments against items and services and much more.

This function integrates with Xero to have complete visibility across your sales and customer accounts meaning you will never miss a payment.

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