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Dictate the pace of your industry with modern setups, loyalty schemes and online sales.

At AirPOS we're all about modern retail. Retailers born in the cloud POS and payments era know that their customers expect to be able to buy when they want and where they want, it's not like the old days when people 'went into town' for their shopping!

We know that competing is about presence and experience as much as anything else in modern retail which is why we've developed a retail platform that this flexible and customer focused, allowing you to use our customer accounts, loyalty and online selling capabilities to sell to your customers and to keep them coming back for more.

And no, we haven't done a deal with your supplier where we pay them a kickback in order to lock you into an expensive POS system that's not how we work and we never will. In fact if your supplier is forcing you to use a POS we suggest replacing your supplier for one who's more interested in your success than your pocket.

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