Making Tax Digital with AirPOS with Xero

When you integrate AirPOS with Xero, the sales reports that come through your point of sale can be sent directly to your Xero account to save you time and eliminate accounting errors. Your integration works for both in-store and online sales, so you have no need to manage two sets of reports. AirPOS helps to save you time on manual tasks, giving you the freedom to get on with growing your business, while keeping HMRC off your back by making tax digital.

  • Automatically sync your sales from AirPOS to Xero

  • Save time and eliminate accounting errors

  • Get all your reporting in one dashboard

  • Make tax digital to comply with HMRC

AirPOS Xero integration

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We help independent retailers like you to sell in-store & online, without losing sight of their inventory. AirPOS is built by retailers, for retailers. Bring together all your critical business information onto one, easy to use platform.

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Save time and take control of your inventory. Track every stock movement that happens within your retail business, in-store, online and across multiple locations.

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It's never been cheaper or easier to sell online. Grow your customer base and sell 24/7. Your competitors are online, what are you waiting for?


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AirPOS brings together all your critical business information including sales, inventory and accounts. All on one, easy to use dashboard, freeing up your time to grow your retail store