AirPOS Pro

£49 per month

Use third party payment processors and sell online

  • Everything that's in AirPOSPay plus...
  • A powerful point of sale platform for iPad, Android and also Windows.
  • No per device pricing first 3 Point of Sale devices are included in the Pro plan
  • Expand your sales channels with our Shopify e-commerce and inventory integration.
  • Use any third-party payment processor or our integrated partners at Zettle, Sumup or Worldpay.

All the features you need at no extra cost

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Unlimited point of sale, staff accounts and products.

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Trade with confidence with our 100% free all hours UK-based support.

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Understand your business with in-depth reporting tools.

alt text

Drive repeat business and recurring revenue with integrated loyalty.

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Use industry standard hardware, no hardware lock-ins!

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Save time by managing your business remotely.

Everything you need to know is right here

What platforms does AirPOS support?

Our point of sale apps work on all three major computing platforms, Microsoft Windows 10 and 11, Android and iPads.

No Contract? Really?

We are great at what we do! Contracts are for companies that need to hold you in against your will. 11 years in business and we've never done that, and we never will. Our views tell their own story.

Do we cost less than all other providers?

No, but you have to compare like with like on this. We provide fully integrated point of sale, e-commerce and payments. If you want a dumb card machine at the cheapest rate that's easy to find but it won't help you to grow your business! We are the most affordable among our direct competitors though!

What is AirPOS Pro?

You can use any third-party payment processing with AirPOS Pro semi-integrated or you can use our fully integrated partners at Zettle, Sumup or Worldpay.

For a flat fee of £49 per month we offer you our powerful POS, Shopify integration, fully integrated loyalty, customer and trade accounts capability, deep insightful reports and much more as well as our responsive, excellent support, something we've found lacking in many of our larger partners.

What is the small print?

Like all other companies, we have our terms and conditions of use but unlike many suppliers to retailers there's no "devil in the detail." Everything you need to know is publicly published and always will be.

Our 14 day free trial

Not only is there no contract but we also give you a free 14 day trial of our entire product to help you make a fully informed decision on whether our software works for your business.

Again, beware the snake oil peddlers with the up front contracts and no free trial!

The system you use to sell is likely among the most important decisions you'll ever make for your retail business. We help you to make sure you've made the right choice before you're committed and before you spend a penny.

Can I get a demo?

Of course, we'd be proud to have the opportunity to show you what we can do and to discover your needs.

You can book an online demo of our software and hardware at a time that works for you.

It's free with AirPOS Pay? How does that work?

Simply we've partnered with Stripe to create a fully integrated, fast and reliable payments platform we're calling AirPOSPay.

When you process a payment through AirPOSPay Stripe take a fixed fee and a variable fee from the payment and we take the rest.

The fees we take from your payments pay for your entire AirPOS platform meaning there is no subscription and of course if you don't transact we don't take any fees.

Our fees are typically between 1.5% - 1.99% per transaction we believe this is great value for a powerful selling platform that will help you to manage and grow your business.

What's hardware lock-in?

Hardware lock-in is a tactic used by point of sale providers where they sell your hardware that only works with their software effectively locking you into their system.

At AirPOS we support industry standard hardware from Star, Epson, Socket Mobile, Newland and others all of which works with many other providers. Check out our range of hardware here

Is AirPOS based in the cloud?

Yes, AirPOS is the first ever cloud-based Point of Sale and e-commerce system. Our entire platform is cloud-based and hosted securely on Amazon EC2 servers in Dublin, Ireland