The windows POS system for retailers

AirPOS gives you a complete retail management system on your windows devices

Sell anytime, anywhere, with our easy to use point of sale software. Track & manage inventory, make sales, analyse your business with reports, all on one device.

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Windows POS

Upgrade your POS and use your existing hardware

If you have an existing ePOS solution it's very likely that AirPOS can support your existing hardware even from other vendors like EPOS Now, Touch Retail and Micros.

Under the hood a lot of the hardware is the same, it's simply rebadged and repackaged most of the time. Talk to our sales team about your current setup and we'll quickly be able to tell you if your current hardware can be reused with our software keeping the costs of upgrading your solution to a minimum.

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Packed with features, so you can do more

AirPOS offers a variety of features that are perfectly designed to help retailers build their store and thrive in this highly competitive market.

Go above and beyond your competition with features such as loyalty, reporting, sophisticated inventory management and customer accounts.

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The point of sale that drives growth

"Our Growth in the past five years is thanks to a lot of of different factors but one of them is definitely AirPOS"

Hear from our customers at Comic Book Guys on how they're using AirPOS Pro to manage their lucrative rewards scheme and driving repeat business into their retail shop.

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